10 Things Offences Can Destroy In Your Life


Offences are one of the commonest things we have to deal with in every human institution before it will rather destroy the beauty of life. That is why most companies have rules of conduct and how to settle disputes to ensure a conducive work environment. No matter what we do, offences may raise their ugly heads sometimes and we should be prepared to deal with them before they destroy us in life.

In this article, I will discuss the 10 things offences can destroy in your life. When done reading, kindly comment to tell us your experiences and don’t forget to subscribe for updates and release of new articles.

10 Things Offences Can Destroy In Your Life

1. Your Health: Offences, if not handled well, can deteriorate your health within a short time. Have you ever had sleepless nights because you were offended? Have you ever lost appetite and or got headache because you were seriously offended? The psychiatric hospitals and general hospitals and clinics are full of people who were taken ill because of offences. Learn to deal with your offences else, they will destroy your life before you realize it.

2. Judgment and perceptions: When you are offended and angry with someone or some people, you form a negative opinion and perceptions about them. Sometimes, the actual people who offended you may not even know that they have offended you. If you do not deal with such offences especially in the workplace and your relationship with people, your judgment and perceptions for critical decisions may be biased and crowded with bitterness.


3. Association or Relationship with people: No one is created to live on an island. God created mankind to live in a community of people. You need to interact with people on daily basis. Everybody needs somebody and it is our interactions with people that lead to offending others. If you want to go far in life then you have to learn to live with people and how to deal with offences at the early stages before they destroy everything around you. Proverbs 18:19 says that “A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city”. This means that it is a lot easier to conquer or win a strong city than reconcile a brother who is offended. Offences can destroy priceless and age-long relationships with people.

4. Marriage: One of the major causes of marital problems and at worst, divorce is unresolved offences. I have handled marital and relationship problems leading to either a breakup in relationship or a threatening divorce due to unresolved offences. Do not take your mistakes, sins and offences for granted. Your partner is a fellow human being like you. Do not overlook your offences. A simple “I am sorry” could be enough to heal the wounded hearts.  

5. Opportunities: I have come across people who vowed never to assist some people because of how offended they were through the actions and inactions of some people. If you do not know how to apologize and deal with your offences, you are rather blocking opportunities that you may need dearly one day. I knew of some important contracts that were cancelled because of offences. Do not delay when you realize that you have offended someone. Deal with it earlier before it destroys you and opportunities around you..

6. Blessings: Many people have missed their blessings because they offend God through disobedience and sin. There is no way you can approach the throne of Grace with boldness to ask for the blessings of God when you are wallowing in sin. If you keep on offending God with sin and disobedience, then know that you are just blocking your own blessings. When Adam and Eve disobeyed, sinned and offended God, they lost their beautiful garden. For further scriptural references for you to know how serious offences are blocking and destroying your blessings, read Phil. 1:9-11, Isaiah 45:9 and Job 9:4b.

7. Relationship with God: When Adam and Even disobeyed God, sinned and offended Him, the beautiful relationship God had with man was broken. That relationship that was broken was restored through the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross to serve as a mediator to bring all people back to fellowship with God. Offences can cut off your relationship with God temporary and permanently when you miss heaven.

8. Missing Heaven: Hell is the place prepared for all those who are lost, the children of disobedience and those who doubt and refuse to accept Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world. If you keep on sinning, disobeying and offending God, you will end up going to hell and miss heaven. 1 Cor. 6:10 enumerates a list of disobedient and sinful offenders who cannot make it to heaven.

9. Prayers are hindered and not answered: In Matthew 5:23-24, the Bible makes it clear that if you have any case or offence to settle with your brother, stop going to church to give your offerings to God. Your offerings and prayers are of no use when you know you have offended someone and have not asked for forgiveness and settled the case with the person. Offences are dangerous and they can destroy your prayer life and everything around you.

10. Lives and properties: When involved in criminal offences, you could lose all your money, investment and sometimes, depending on the offence, lives could be lost.

Do not take offences for granted. They can make or unmake you. Make every attempt to deal with it. Watch out for my next article on the theme: How to deal with offences.

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