12 types of videos Christians must not watch online


The internet is full of so many videos created for different purposes and for different people. Each day, lots of videos are created and published online. The introduction of electronic and smart devices makes it easier for one to create his or her own videos with ease. These devices come with some applications to enhance self-editing. The good thing is that, videos can be in any language and for any purpose for which they were created. But the question is, is it any type of videos at all that Christians can watch online. In this article, I will be sharing with you the 12 types of videos Christians must not watch online. When done reading, kind comment and share your experiences with us.

1. Debunking the Christian faith or Discrediting Christmas Traditions: There are some videos and many articles and books purposely created to discredit the credibility of the Bible. There are some videos that aim to undermine or discredit the historical or traditional aspects of the Christian faith. Videos such as those to discredit the authenticity of the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story. All these are attempts to weaken the power of the gospel to save and transform lives. However, no video created with any wicked intentions can overpower the Bible and the Christian faith. Though some may be led astray because of such videos, Christians should not sit-down unconcern.

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2. Anti-Religious or Atheistic Commentary on Christmas: Content that specifically targets the religious aspects of Christmas and the Christian faith in a negative or dismissive light might not be suitable for individuals seeking to celebrate the religious significance of the holiday. These videos are normally created with the mind of destroying the faith of people about the message of the cross.

3. Excessively Materialistic Gift Guides: Videos promoting excessive consumerism, focusing solely on materialistic aspects, or encouraging extravagant and unnecessary spending during the holiday season might contradict the spirit of Christmas centered around love, kindness, and giving. These kinds of videos promote impatience, get rich quick attitudes and the desire to make money instantly.


4.Pornographic and violent videos: There are too many pornographic and violent contents on the internet. Christians need to be careful and safe on the internet in order not be swayed away into contents that pollute the Christian faith. Watching pornographic scenes and violent acts can affect your moral and spiritual life. This is the worst among the 12 types of videos Christians must not watch online. Why? Because acts of sexual immoralities are very strong and can easily destroy your life. Do not give the devil any foothold in your life. Free yourself from any form of contents that robs your happiness and enslaves your soul. You should beware how social media can also affect your Christian life.

5. Negative News or Depressing Stories: In our generation, it is negative news that sells. People depend on negative news to Videos highlighting distressing news, tragic events, or focusing solely on the negatives of the holiday season might not uplift or inspire you but destroy your joy and hope.

6. Controversial or Divisive Discussions: Content that provokes heated debates, promotes division, or discusses controversial topics that may disrupt the peace and unity typically associated with Christmas gatherings might be best avoided.

7. Exploitative or Scam-Related Holiday Promotions: Videos promoting fraudulent schemes, scam-related content, or exploitative holiday deals that prey on the goodwill and generosity of individuals during Christmas might not align with the true spirit of giving and kindness.

8. Occult and ritual videos: The internet is full of many occult videos luring innocent people to subscribe to their services. Most of the time, such videos promote materialism and people end up destroying their lives and souls. Whenever you chance on such videos, just skip it and do not continue to watch to be tempered.

9. Magic and sorcery: There are a lot of magicians that post their videos online for public viewing. To be a magician is to master the arts of deception, trickery and illusions. These involve card tricks, sleight of hand, levitation, mind reading and cosmic manipulations.

10. Diss videos, personal attacks and disrespectful videos: We live in a time where people who are offended rush to social media to rant, hit back at people and spill secrets. Christians should not be feeding on diss songs, personal attack and disrespectful videos. Videos that promote racism and insult the integrity of people should not be entertained.

11. Horror movies and disturbing videos: Horror movies and disturbing contents are rather the favourite genre of movies for some people. Horror movies promote wickedness, breaks people’s heart and breed fear. After watching some extreme scaring movies, it could take you days and weeks to get the pictures out of your mind.

12. Suicide and murder: People should not be interested in watching suicide and murder videos. There are so many videos of people who were being beheaded, tortured in live camera and others forced to commit suicide. Watching suicide videos to teach people how to take one’s own life. These kinds of contents do not create awareness to let people know what is happening but also teaches how to do it. Movies have a great influence in the lives of people. The contents of short videos and some movies have the power to destroy your heart, your values and principles in life. Sometimes, some movies may seem to be an eye opener but in disguise, rather closes your eyes from seeing the truth.

The way forward for Christians
What should Christians then do about this issue? The Bible admonishes Christians in Philippians 4:8 that “Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things”.

Remember that in life, you are what you read and watch. The contents you feed your mind with determines the outcome of your behaviour. The contents you read and the videos you watch sometimes go a long way to shape your thinking pattern. The 12 types of videos Christians must not watch online are not exhaustive. There could be more types of videos which are injurious to mind, moral and spiritual health.

Has this article 12 types of videos Christians must not watch online being a blessing to you? Kindly share and comment.

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