15 Ways to Become Your Own Enemy – Part 1


Many people are fasting and praying against their enemies of progress in this year. I’m sure some people will wield guns and cutlasses in hand to kill their enemies if they know them or perhaps, pray that God kills them. It is surprising to know that many people are their own enemies. Recently, I overheard a young man cursing the enemies in his life and this prompted me to research and write the above article.

Before that before you pray against your enemies, pause and check first. You might be praying against yourself. The only person that can stop you from moving forward is you.

Witches and wizards have no authority over you if you do not hate yourself and permit them to attack your progress. Any time you indulge yourselves in sinful activities, you open the gates of your protection to the devil to capitalize on your weaknesses to sin. Take stock of your own life in this year.

Remember, the enemy on the inside of you that impedes your progress is more dangerous than the one you are fasting and praying against.

15 Ways To Become Your Own Enemy

  1. Your indecisiveness 

If you do not decide for yourself in life, then know that you will have to live your life based on the decisions of other people. I bet you, you will not like it.

  1. Time wasting attitudes

Promptitude is the key if you want to be timely to save situations in life. Time wasted is a life wasted. Stop wasting your life and time on unnecessary movies and some things that have no bearing in your life and future. They are not worth your sweat and time.

  1. Inactions & laziness

Your laziness is like cancer; it will eat up and destroy all the good potentials and opportunities you have and leave you hopeless. Cast out laziness in your life if you really want to do exploit.

  1. Deceits 

Why deceive someone thinking you will not also be deceived by another? If you ‘do good’ to someone, you do it for yourself and likewise if you do bad. Remember the law of Karma.

  1. Unfaithfulness at work and to your partner

Unfaithfulness is an evil seed. Never be unfaithful to your lover or your employer. One day, the seed of unfaithfulness you sowed will germinate and mature but you will not like the fruits of it. Unfaithfulness is very costly and deadly than being faithful. Be yourself and stop compromising on your integrity.

  1. Blatant and wicked lies

What do you think you are doing to yourself if you are full of lies? Lies attract attention and partnership with the devil. Remember, the devil is the father of lies (John 8:44). Stop telling lies and stop being a heir of the devil! You won’t like your ‘sonship’ as a child of the devil.

  1. Lack of Discipline and self-control

A man without discipline and self-control is like a city whose walls are broken. Indiscipline prevents you from reaching greater heights in life and lack of self-control will destroy you and that which you have labored to gather.

  1. Evil schemes and negative thoughts

If you are full of evil schemes, orchestrating and hatching evil ideas and full of negative thoughts, then know that evil shall not depart from your doorstep and life. You are your own enemy of distraction.

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