17 Things that will happen if Jesus Were To Be Born Today


Have you ever asked yourself what would have happened if Jesus Christ were to be born in our days? Well, we tried to list a few things that may happen if Jesus Christ were to be born in our days. Kindly comment by adding a few things you think would have happened if He were to be born in our days.

17 Things that will happen if Jesus Were To Be Born Today

  1. He will still have a humble beginning
  2. He will use modern public address systems to reach out to more souls. Without any public address system, Peter stood to preach and over 3000 people were saved in a day.
  3. He will use the fastest means of transport to spread the gospel. Jesus and His disciples had to walk for days before reaching their destinations to preach to others.
  4. Many people will indeed believe that He is the one and true savior
  5. A lot of people will still doubt Him and wonder whether He is indeed the savior
  6. He will be on social media. We shall watch all the Jesus Healing Crusades live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. He will have the highest followers on any Social Media Platform.
  7. Judas may not betray Him with a kiss, he will send his picture and location through emails and whatsApp to the Roman soldiers.
  8. He will still be killed despite any law because the original plan of God was that He will die to save mankind.
  9. His Healings, Teachings and Miracles will top Google searches and trends
  10. He will win the most viral videos award
  11. We will take pictures and videos of Him for the next generation to watch and listen to the actual videos and audios of Jesus Christ.
  12. Sign writers and artists will not draw Jesus Christ the way they like but according to His own image for all to know how Jesus Christ really looks like.
  13. He will be among the most influential people in the world.
  14. He may not necessarily be killed on the cross in our days due to modernity and ways of killing people.
  15. The birth of Jesus Christ will be a viral news through the internet and all social media network.
  16. He will still face political oppositions and threats to kill Him earlier to abort His vision.
  17. His disciples may not be too highly learned people though education is very important in our days. It may be a mixed government.


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