3 Jokes That Will Make Your Day

3 Jokes That Will Make Your Day

Joke 1: Sunday School Teacher: What do you say about the David and Goliath story in the Bible?

Little Ken: I feel sad for the Goliath family because all the giants in the family will no longer be respected by people since a small boy defeated their lifetime record holder and champion.

Joke 2: A young man in love with his girlfriend escorted her to the house. As they stood in front of the girl’s house and were about to have a goodbye kiss, an old man passing by shouted: “Hey, never kiss anyone in front of your house. If you think you can do this because love is blind, then remember that all your neighbours are not blind, they are watching.

Joke 3: Steve: I’m so disappointed in the football club I supported. How can you lose the match miserably like that? What even pained me the most was how I bet my last money on their matching thinking; it will be a sure banker for me.

Dave: That is why I no longer bet on soccer games. I now bet on boxing. Even if I lose my bet, I feel okay and well satisfied.


Steve: How does losing a boxing bout and your bet satisfy you?

Dave: (Laughing out loudly): You know why?



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