7 Lessons To Learn From Those Who Envy You

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Over the week, two guests walked to my office, a man and a woman in their fifties. Before I asked of their mission, the man began to talk about my office chair. He said if I wasn’t the CEO or the MD, then I should not be sitting on “big” men’s chair. I politely told him that the occupant of the chair is a big man even if he were a toddler. The stranger really felt I do not deserve where God has positioned me. But why will a total stranger who doesn’t know me and what I do pass such a comment? Was it because I have a cute body and so he thought I was just a small boy? No, it was just mere envy. Was his comment to an advice or a distraction? Was that even related to his mission for visiting my office?

After attending to them, I began to ponder over the whole incidence and caught some wisdom and instruction to share with my cherished readers.

7 Lessons To Learn From Those Who Envy You

  1. Beware of the Envious Little Minded People

Anyone that tries to belittle you and makes you feel small is already little and has a small mind. What is the purpose of belittling someone for the mere fact that that person might be enjoying some blessings, promotion or given some opportunities in life? Do not be envious of what someone has and try to belittle the person. Trying to degrade and pull someone down is a clear sign that you do not appreciate your value and you want another person also to be devalued just like you. Let us be happy for each other and be content in life.

  1. How Big or Small Your Chair Is Doesn’t Represent Your Value, Worth, Power & Influence

How big or small your chair is does not determine your position in life but it is your value and worth that count. Some people have no chair at all but they are doing great exploits and earning huge amounts of money more than some graduates siting on big chairs in some offices. Do not let jealousy and envy take the better part of you when you see a friend doing well in life.

  1. Beware of People Who Want to Deny You of Any Opportunity

Beware of those who rather want to give you SMALLER seats in life all because of envy. It is sad to know how some people and sometimes close allies could mastermind your downfall to derail you from missing some opportunities or blessings.

  1. Some People Forget Their Mission When They See Someone’s Success

There are some people that forget their mission in life when they see someone else success. The man forgot his mission and started talking about me rather. Do not let your friend’s success prevent you from seeing the bigger picture ahead of you. Stay focused and do not be envious and jealous to destroy your journey in life.

  1. Do Not Be Moved By Negative Comments

Pay no attention to those who want to belittle and make you small in life. They have nothing than their envious heart and destructive ways.

  1. Don’t Judge People By Appearance

Don’t judge people by the size of their body but the size of their brains. The man thought I was a small boy because of my cute body.

  1. Envy can destroy your life

You have no idea what mere envy can do to destroy your life. When you are full of envy, you will hardly appreciate what you have and this leads to greed, wanting to have what rightfully belongs to someone and your inability to have it leads to hatred. Stay away from being envious; be content with what you have.

What is your experience with those who envy you? Apart from these 7 lessons to learn, are there any more lessons? Share your experience with us by commenting in the comment box.



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