Biblical Tools For Success in Life – Pastor Isaac Bediako


American Jews accounts for only 2% of the entire American population but 50% of the millionaires in America are Jews. How? It is very simple.

Jews place a high premium on the family system and they ensure that every child is taught the Pentateuch before they start life to have a better chance of succeeding than others. By the way, what is Pentateuch? It simply refers to the first five books of the Bible popularly known as the law. Pentateuch comes from 2 words:
1. Penta meaning ‘five (5)’
2. Teuch meaning ‘tools’

So Pentateuch means ‘5 Tools’. Those books are not Jewish history books as some want us to believe but critical essential tools for success. This is why Jews succeed and dominate wherever they find themselves because they have been equipped to succeed.

Interestingly, some of them do not even believe in Jesus Christ but they have been empowered with these tools from childhood. These five books in the Bible outline practical steps to be blessed and what brings curses on oneself. Right from infancy, one is taught the way of life that brings the favour and blessings of God. It is important to know that God places high premium on His Word and anyone that follows His Words is likely to succeed in life because the Word itself brings blessings.

There have been a lot of ‘101 Keys to Success and blessings’ books and motivational speaking all around us but following and obeying the Laws of God brings unfathomable success than any other human law. How much of the Word of God do you know? For your information, the knowledge of the experts is failing to stand the test of time and the complex economic trends.


Depending on the knowledge and views of the experts to live your life calls for human knowledge and research but depending on the Word or Law of God calls for faith and obedience. Human knowledge and research works are subject to and are affected by economic trends but living your life according to the Law of God cannot be affected by economic trends. Why? The economy of Heaven never lacks supply and you cannot run short of goods.

How are you training your children? Are you playing a vital role in their upbringing to ensure they are building a solid foundation for their future? The choice is yours to decide. If you want to know why you are not that successful, then look no further, find out how many of the Biblical tools you know and how many of them are working in your life.

Writer: Pastor Isaac Bediako
(Pastor/Counselor/Writer/Life Coach)
ICGC, Life Temple, Swedru



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