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The Five Lessons To Learn From Your Mistakes

“A man who is afraid to fail will fail at trying. The only way to overcome failure and become a person of influence and...

Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs In Life

Recently, I was being chauffeured after church by my Big friend, Elder Michael Appiah, and as I sat in his car, there was a...

7 Lessons To Learn From Those Who Envy You

Over the week, two guests walked to my office, a man and a woman in their fifties. Before I asked of their mission, the...

Don’t Be Bitter; Be Productive With Your Life – Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

  Sometimes I hear people say “life is not fair” and I wonder why so? I personally think life is very fair as it has...

Before You Boast Or Complain, Pause And Check These Things

  Life is not always as you want it. Before you complain and cry to God about your situation, pause and check these things. The job...

16 Ways to Bounce Back After Rejection – Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

“Never allow any rejection to be bigger than your vision. In the face of every rejection, project your vision before you”, Ferdinard Senyo Lawson...

10 Ways People Distort Information And Report It Wrongly

Yesterday, I wrote on Facebook about a terrible accident scene I had witnessed when returning from a preaching appointment that got me worried and...

Your Breakthrough or Breakdown Depends on How You Treat People

Many people think they have the right and the power to insult, talk harshly to people and do all manner of things. Do not...

When The Devil Smiles At You

Over the weekend, our team member chanced on this interesting picture which was a prank played on a little boy. Well, we have decided...

20 Reasons Why You Should Never Insult Someone.

Can you beat your chest and say you have never insulted someone before? To insult someone is to speak or use disrespectfully or scornfully...