Your Challenges Determine Your Crown – Ferdinard Senyo Lawson


 “The attitude we develop and demonstrate in the face of our challenges is what determines the crown we receive”, Ferdinard Senyo Lawson.

Life is full of challenges. As long as we have breath in us, we will surely face one challenge or the other. Are you aware that even animals too face challenges?

This means that every living organism is bound to face diverse challenges. However, the attitude we develop and demonstrate in the face of our challenges is what determines the crown we receive.

Everybody goes through challenges. Some go through hard times than others but it does not mean that others do not go through hard times.

It is said that “No pain, No gain”.  That is absolutely right. Whatever you want to become in life, you must be ready and prepared to pay the price; you must be prepared to go through the pains in order to attain the success you desire.


The attitude we cultivate in the midst of challenges goes a long way to help us deal with our challenges.

Sadly, most of us hate to accept that challenges are part of life. Therefore, we try to find an escape route to avoid them when they come. What we fail to understand is that, whatever we fail to confront, we can’t conquer.

You can’t fight an opponent outside a boxing ring as a boxer. The only way you can be crowned a winner or a champion is to face the opponent and beat him or her in the ring.

Most of us want to be victors but don’t want to confront any challenge in life. How is that going to be possible?

What you are afraid to confront will conquer your destiny. Don’t let your challenges control your destiny. No one becomes a conquest without conflicts or challenges. Step up to confront every conflict to become a conquest. No matter how painful your yesterday was, you have today to reach out to your dream. Stretch out to reach out.

A man’s greatest challenge in life is himself, and not anyone else. If a man can conquer himself then he can easily conquer his world.

You become a victim of what you are not ready to confront in life.

If you don’t want to become a victim of life’s challenges but a champion, then, you must know that you will have to deal with difficult challenges throughout your life, be it personal or career.

Running away from your challenges is the worst thing you can do. It is very important to learn or develop the attitude or courage to deal with the challenges you are faced with on a daily basis. The more you face your challenges, the stronger and wiser you become in overcoming them without fear.

Most people overreact in the face of challenges. This is a bad way to deal with life challenges as it causes or creates more problems than providing the solution. It is very crucial that whenever we are faced with any form of challenge, we control our emotions. Having a messed up emotion can create a mess for us. Controlling our emotions only helps us to take full control of our mind to make the right and sensible decisions to deal with our challenges. Try not to have a negative mind towards challenges. Having a positive mind gives you the platform to stand to overcome the challenges.

As I said earlier, anyone born by a woman will surely face challenges in life. Therefore, when your challenges come, don’t look for others to blame. Just as you don’t blame others when you succeed, you don’t have to blame anyone for the challenges you face.

Most people fail to deal with their challenges in life simply because they have shifted the focus onto someone else who may be going through his or her own troubles. You can never overcome something you have moved your focus from.

Blaming others only takes your mind off the issue at hand onto someone else. When we do that, we don’t develop the right skill to deal with the challenge.

Challenges are the catalyst for change. Challenges are not meant to destroy us but to provoke us for change. That is why we have to accept or embrace the challenges and find ways and means to overcome them.

Challenges never kill anyone but the attitude or action taken in the midst of the challenge is what kills. What you are able to control, you are able to change. Take control of your action so as to change your life. Changes come as a result of challenges. If you are afraid to face challenges then, I am afraid you can’t experience any change in your personal life.

Challenges are platforms for change. You are either controlled or changed by the challenges you go through. It’s funny how most people resist change yet they want to see things changed. This is a crazier thought to have. Some challenges are designed to get us off our backside or lazy zones (comfort zone) to catapult us into our sure destiny.

No matter how we feel about challenges, they are there to inspire us to greatness. Most successful and great men and women were or are individuals who learned to accept, embrace and adopt measures of dealing with their challenges. I can guarantee you that, these people were once unhappy with their lives’ challenges but, never gave up or compare themselves with others. Successful people are people who have trained their minds to overcome their troubles or challenges. They do not allow their challenges to overcome them or kick them off their success donkey.

Remember that, there will always be some people who face different challenges in life than you, but regardless of your challenges in life; don’t give or throw in the towel.

Your success and achievement in life are determined by the challenges you embrace. Once you embrace your challenges, you awaken the courageous person within you to dominate your territory.

Step up and keep moving in the face of your challenges. This is how you become a conquest with a crown over your challenges.




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