Why Do Christians Feel Shy To Let People Know They Are Christians And Tell The World About Jesus?

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Today, I came across some people who were busily and gladly drinking alcoholic beverages in the restaurant while just a few meters away were another group of people who were also having bitter exchanges. To be frank, the vulgar words used by those people are not worth writing here to be read. Surprisingly, they did not feel shy to make those utterances. At the nearby table where I sat were also some Christians who were eating but could not help the situation.

After observing the whole situation for a while, I asked myself: why do Christians feel shy sometimes to tell others about Jesus and even let people know that they are Christians. Unbelievers easily put up their unbelief and practices for all to know what they stand for but why do Christians feel shy?

We have reached a stage where people are not ashamed to post their naked pictures and nude videos to become popular but are you trying to say you are feeling shy to let the world know that you love Jesus and that He still saves people and restores hope to the hopeless?

I see people stake lotto and gamble publicly. They do all sort of things in the full glare of people to win lotteries but they are not ashamed of the very things that they are doing. They call it serious business but are you trying to say that you cannot publicly tell people about Jesus? Are you then into serious business to win souls for Christ?

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Each day, thousands of women sell their bodies to men. They do it publicly in the full glare of people. They wear skimpy dresses and almost go nude just to attract immoral men to sleep with them for money. And how about those whose conscience are seared and bought by the devil? How about those into professional pornography? In fact, they call it a profession. These people and prostitutes are not feeling shy to sell their bodies for money; a detestable thing but do you mean to say you are feeling shy about Jesus and letting the world know that He is your Saviour?

Drug Lords and barons and drug addicts know the ban on selling or dealing in hard drugs. They know the strict laws passed by international bodies that prevent anyone from trading and possessing those hard drugs but do you know something, they are not shy to do such risky thing so don’t be shy to let the whole know that you are a Christians.

The Muslims pray five times a day as a lifestyle. They easily and openly do it in the public without feeling shy but Christians are even shy to pray in the open when need be. Some Christians feel shy to let people know that indeed they are Christians. Doesn’t that mean there is a question mark on you regarding your status as a Christian?

It is very shameful to know that at the same company where corruption and a lot of bad practices are taking place, you will find Christians in those environments but their presence there as Christians is of no effect and value. Then why are you there as a Christian if unbelievers could feel comfortable and steal, rob and do all sorts of detestable things in your presence?

What is more shameful than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords dying naked on the cross like a criminal just to save you and I but you stand there to say you are feeling shy to let the world know that Jesus still saves?

Remember, Jesus Christ said anyone that denies Him and feels shy of Him Christ Jesus will He also deny in front of His father who is in Heaven (Matthew 10:33).

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