Funny Divorce Joke


After a series of hot arguments which were not resolved, a couple went to a divorce court to sever ties with each other after 10 years of marriage.

Judge:    Did you really consider your decisions before seeking a divorce?

Couple:   Yes, Sir (They responded in unison)

Judge:    Should I allow you one more week to think through your decision?

Couple:   No Sir! We want a divorce now! (They chorused their response)


Judge:    Between the two of you, who do you think is working against your marriage?

Man:       She is the cause

Woman:  She is the real problem here

Judge:    It seems both of you have a hand in this issue and it can be solved by both without any divorce. Can we talk about the issues bothering you and solve the problem instead of divorce being the last option you have chosen?

Couple:   No, Sir! Divorce now!

Judge:     How will you handle the car that you both contributed money to buy?

Couple:   “We shall sell it and share the money,” they said in unison again.

Judge:     I know that this marriage has been blessed with 3 wonderful kids that you have three kids? How will you share your kids too?

Couple:    (After a long discussion between the two couple seeking a divorce, they reached an agreement and said to the judge): “No problem sir, we shall come back next year with one more kid making it four to make the sharing easier.

The following year, the judge bumped into the couple in a mall doing shopping together and he was glad thinking the couple had mended the broken relationship.

Judge:       I’m glad to see you guys happily living together and I thank God that divorce is

                  no longer your last option.

Couple:     We still want a divorce! Sir, this is not a joke. We are not joking!

Judge:       O, why?

Man:         We wanted another baby to make it 4 to make the sharing easier but                                 unfortunately, we had twins this year making the number of kids 5.

Woman:    We are considering having another baby next year making it 6 so please pray

                 for us.

Judge:      I wonder who even joined the 2 of you together in the first place.

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