Quote of The Day: Great People Do Not Need Money


Quote of The Day: Great People Do Not Need Money

Our quote for the day is one of the popular and inspirational quotes from Mr. Ferdinard Senyo Lawson which says: “Great people do not need money; they need people”. 

As you go throughout the whole day, think about this.

You do not always need money; sometimes, all you need is the right caliber of people around you to fuel you on to success. Remember that a lot of people have money but they are not happy in life.

Money is not everything. some people have lots of money but they die from loneliness. I have not seen anyone who is so worthy that when he or she lies down incapacitated, his or her money lifted them up. You still need people around you no matter who you are in life.

God, the creator of the universe and mankind observed the first man He created and declared that: “It is not good for man to live alone”. God created us to share fellowship with one another, to live in a community but not in isolation.

Remember, great people do not need money; they rather need people. Whatever be your vision, you can never accomplish it without partnering people, working with people, sharing ideas and enjoying fellowship with one another. No matter how great you are, do not value money more than people.


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