Losing To Receive The Blessings Of God

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Today, I decided to give all the money i had on me to a stranger to board a car. She visited my office and never asked me for money but I felt a strong urge to give all i had. By the close of the day, God gave me ten times what I gave. As I pondered on this, I caught wisdom and understanding to share with my wonderful readers.

Lessons from the story
1. Be Sensitive and Receptive

You cannot make any significant impact in life if you are not sensitive and receptive to hear and receive from the promptings of God in a timely manner. Without these, you will miss the mark and will not know when the Lord really wants to use you to be a blessing to others.

2. Acting in Promptitude is Key
Spontaneity and promptitude are two important keys here to receive the blessings of God. You have to act immediately you feel God is ministering to your heart to do something for Him and others. It is time to act now to do something for God and your generation.

3. Obedience is Non-Negotiable
Most of the times, simple obedience to the voice of God is just enough to activate His Hands to experience testimonies and see His awesome works in your life. Without obedience, life becomes a struggle. There is no shortcut to experiencing the blessing of God except through obedience. Delayed Obedience = Disobedience. Obeying later may be of no use to people and this has consequences on you.

4. You Don’t Have to Fully Understand
Man needs logic and clear cut direction before venturing into a particular idea. With God, you don’t have to fully understand, so long as He is the Commander and the Teacher, you will later understand and give Him the Glory. You cannot use logic to understand God so long as He remains God and His ways are different from us.


5. You Must Lose to Receive
Every blessing comes with a cost. You must lose something to receive something better and bigger. Be the reason for which someone will smile and say, “Thank You Jesus”. Know that you will not receive what you desire if you are not ready to lose what you have.

6. Listen and Respond to Faith Than Your Fears
It was not reasonable for me to give all the money left on me to a stranger who never asked me for money. The question would have been how will I survive for the day and how will I go home without money. I chose to listen to my faith than the fear of losing what I have and faith produced the results and testimony that I needed.

Thanks for reading this article from www.infochristo.com. Please comment to tell us your experience of giving by promptly responding to your faith than fear. Please feel free to share with friends and loves ones.



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