Monetizing Your Experience: Jonathan Adzokpe


Over the past years, we have been taught to identify our talents and use them to our benefit. That is right. I believe beyond our talents, we can also monetize our experiences. Whatsoever you are going through or have gone through, there are many more thousands and millions of people who will also go through the same experience.

Most of the good books we read are people’s experiences they narrate for us to learn from. And I have personally said that one of the greatest follies is to go through the very experiences that others have gone through that you could have easily learnt from them. So, you can think on how to make money from your experiences.

You might ask: who is interested in my experience? Well, you never know until you package your experiences and sell it to the right audience. It could be a broken heart you went through successfully; I can assure you there are millions of people going through that on a daily basis and need guidance on how to come out of it. Your experience could prove useful to them; and, you might just make some cash.

Let me give you a personal example: there are thousands of people who travel to study every year. When I got the opportunity to do so, I had a couple of people asking me how they could go about admission, seeking for funding, etc. As the number of people increased, the more convinced I got that I could package my entire experience into something tangible that I could monetize. Then the idea to write Study Abroad came up.

Today, Study Abroad is almost done with printing but the number of orders we have received is mouth-watering. I didn’t end there. I know there are other segments of people who might not necessarily have the opportunity to read the book. So, I thought of organizing a nationwide workshop for them to learn the very experiences I encountered when I found myself in the processes of studying abroad. And this is going to be annual.


So, for that single experience, you can imagine the number of opportunities I have created out of them. There are other deals coming out of this single experience of mine that I would tell you perhaps in a future post. But all I am saying is that, you don’t need an experience like mine to package and possibly, make money out of it. Just any experience is worth sharing. And it is those who share who get the best things of life, money included! Don’t just go through the experience alone. Share them with others. They will pay you for doing that!

Writer: Jonathan Adzokpe

Lecturer, Kwame University of Science and Technology

CEO of Hetura Books




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