Not All Enemies Are Enemies


One day, many people will wake up and realized that the people they perceived as enemies, prayed against them, cursed them with the bitterest of all pains and plotted their downfall if possible were not enemies at all.

Sometimes, God plants some people in your life to play the devil’s advocate but they are not the real enemy. Those people are only there in your life to make you feel uncomfortable in your current situation to fight harder. Some are in your life as critics and people who will keep you in check of your life so you will not make mistakes because of what they can do to you. Indirectly, these people are helping to shape your life to cut off the rough edges that will not assist you in any way. If God were to listen to all prayers against people’s enemies, you will realize that many people may cease to do very well in life because the only person who keeps them in check to do the right thing might be the very one considered as enemies.

A story was told of some baboons and monkeys that experienced a serious headache from a man who used to chase them away from the farm where they used to feed. When the baboons and monkeys heard that the man who used to chase them away from the maize field had died, they hysterically celebrated. The following year, there was no maize for them to eat and real famine stared them in the face. That was when they painfully realized the dead man was the farmer.

Young Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. I believed that initially, he might have considered his own brothers as his archenemies but he later realized that it was all for his own good. He finally understood it all and declared in Genesis 50:20 that you meant it all for evil but God meant it for good for my sake.

If you don’t understand the mysterious ways of God, you will easily attribute every negative thing or negative person around you to the works of the devil or your enemies. In fact, not all enemies are enemies at all. Some are blessings in disguise. Without enemies, God may not set a table before you in the presence of your enemies.


Remember, not all enemies are enemies! Some could be the real engine of your success but you may not know it. When praying against people you do not like, be careful what you wish and pray for them. Be careful not to curse anyone anyhow in life!



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