Quote Of The Day: God Will Do Nothing Unless You Pray


“God does nothing except in response to a believing prayer”, John Wesley

Are you tired of praying? Are your situations weighing you down to the extent that you do not have any options than to give up, sit down and cry? Whom are you blaming for the causes of your misfortune? Well, let’s learn a quick lesson from this quote.

Three Quick Lessons From The Quote Of The Day

  1. God will do nothing if you don’t pray.

You’ve got to pray if you want to talk to God about your situations. If you really want to God to solve the problems for you then you’ve got to love prayer.

  1. God only responds to your prayers.

God only responds to prayers but not your complaints and emotions. He knows you by name and knows your problems but until you call onto Him, He cannot help you.

  1. The kind of prayer that works is a believing prayer.

You’ve got to believe in yourself, believe in your prayers to receive a testimony soon. Without expectations, there is no manifestations. Cast every doubt away from your mind and remain focused.



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