Your Success Can Lead To Your Assassination


Your success can lead to your assassination in life. The day David was recognized as a national hero for killing Goliath and the women composed a song to praise him, Saul started plotting different assassination attempts to take his life.

Your success in life can be a serious threat to some people and all they could do is to eliminate you at the early stages of your success before you become too powerful for them to handle. Saul angrily said to himself: “If the women have credited David to killing ten thousand and a thousand to me, what more can David get than my kingdom?” – 1 Samuel 18:6-10.

King Saul and a lot of his soldiers were now chasing David to kill him for committing no offence but for the mere fact that he led his own country into victory and saved the nation from defeat and death from the Philistines. Saul rather saw David who was a national asset as a threat.

Not all those saying congrats and singing your praises are truly happy for you. When God begins to promote you into popularity and stardom, you have to be security conscious and above all, you need to the Divine Security.

5 Things Your Success May Bring You


Gleaning from the success of David, I realized that your breakthroughs in life may not only lead to your assassination but will bring you the following as well:

  1. Fame: David was only a teenager when he killed the Philistine national champion, Goliath and that shot his name into fame and national recognition.

2. Lot of lovers: Jonathan loved David and Michal was given to David as a wife

3. Lot of Enemies: Saul, Shimei and a lot of people became David’s enemies. David had to survive many assassination attempts. Absalom, his own son later rebelled against David and wanting to kill his own father.

4. You become a threat to others: King Saul should be happy for having someone like David in his kingdom but he was rather angry and sad because he saw David as a threat to his own kingship and a possible successor to him instead of Jonathan his son.

5. Promotion: Through the anointing, David was promoted by God to succeed Saul as King. When God Himself elevates you, be careful to do exactly what He has assigned you to do.

Remember, your success can lead to your assassination so you need the divine leadings and protection of God to overcome the schemes of men and the evil one.

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