Suffer the Pain of Discipline


Quote of the Week: Suffer the Pain of Discipline

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

Discipline is all you need to take very serious if only you want to succeed in any endeavour in life. Discipline means cutting off some habits in your life just to do the right.

It means taking up new habits just to stick to your goals.

Sometimes, you have to deny yourself the very best things that you like and enjoy most if you really want to achieve some goals in life.

When you are disciplined, you may have to cut down your budget and control your spending habits in order to achieve a particular target.

It means going the extra mile in all you do if you really want to achieve your goals and hit your target. There are times that i have cut off the number of hours I sleep just to make sure that I achieve my target.

The funny thing and regrettable part is without ensuring that you are disciplined, you will have to suffer the results of your undisciplined are actions and inaction tomorrow.

Be determined to do the right.

Be result oriented.

Let your motivation in life be the goals you want to achieve. Without being focused on the goals and heights you want to reach in life, discipline will be a difficult thing to do .

Take up the challenge now! Yes, you can do it. Just give it a try. Try to do something today in  a unique way and see the wonderful results that await you. Your dreams are possible if only you remain determined, focused and disciplined enough until you hit your targets in life.

Remember, you have only two choices to make today; that is to suffer the pain of discipline today to achieve your goals in life or suffer the pain of regret or because you were not passionate about your dreams.

Make a good choice today.


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