The Hypocrisy of the Hypocrites


The hypocrisy of the Hypocrites. Here they come with a broad smile but their hearts are miles away from you. They easily laugh at your joke but deep in their hearts, you are a troubling yoke.

Eat and drink and be happy they say but they are eating away your happiness and only waiting to drink at your fall.

Ask me anything you want for what are friends for but in their minds, they wish you will always be in need and want their help.

The hypocrisy of the hypocrites.

They pretend to care and love you but secretly tear you down. They come asking: “How far with your situation?” but ask inwardly: “Do you really think I care?”


Oh Hypocrites! How long will you pretend?

The hypocrisy of the hypocrites.

Here they come saying: Don’t worry about this matter!

Take me as your confidant but they are deadly informants who are ready to trade your secret for pleasure and treasure.

They are always sniffing around for the vulnerable as if to help but to make them miserable.

My brother, my sister! I always pray for you they assure you but secretly, they want to prey on you.

I will help you. Just call on me in case you need anything they say but will go around trumpeting what they did for you.

I can assure you that I will keep this as a secret between us they say but they are secretly recording you for evidence.

The hypocrisy of the hypocrites. Oh how long will you continue to pretend about who you are not?

The hypocrisy of the hypocrites.

You, who say sorry but in your minds, make merry,

You, who shed tears but inwardly, say cheers,

You, who say lean on me but are indirectly mean,

You, who say ‘I’ve got your back’ but will stab you at the back,

The Hypocrisy of the Hypocrites

Here they come pretending to be the best of friends.

I’m forever by your side they say but in their minds, they have left you long time. Oh hypocrites! Stop the pretense and be real for once.

The hypocrisy of the hypocrites  

They are always around us. Oh yes, they are closer to us than any other person. They behave as if they are interested in your calling and ministry but are only waiting for your falling and try to explain the mystery behind your fall.

You, who distort the truth, stop the pretense

You, who feed people with lies, stop the telling lies

You, who are crooks but pretend to be good, stop the deception. The Hypocrisy of the Hypocrites!

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