Tomb Of His Death; Womb Of Our Birth: Gamel Sankarl


From above He observed our sins yet being so kind
He sent His Son as a sacrificial lamb to save mankind
So anyone that accepts Him might not be left behind

Nothing escapes God’s eyes; He’s got keen observation
He saw the sinful wretched us; yet He had no reservation
He simply wanted to offer us the gift of His salvation

And that He did through His Beloved son’s death
That is the extent He went to show His love’s depth
That is what He gave up so we could have a new birth

He chose a unique way to reconcile with humanity
He chose to sacrifice a member of the Holy Trinity
So He could have humanity reconnected to divinity

God could have ended all sins through a single bomb
But He chose to let His son die and be buried in a tomb
A tomb that harbored the gift of our salvation as a womb


But on the third day, the tomb gave up that precious gift
It could not hold Jesus captive and that brought us a shift
From sinners we were transformed into saints; we had a free lift

What more can we say to He who has been so graceful?
Jesus’ tomb was made a womb for saving us; we’re grateful
Lord Jesus, we owe it all to you, so we will forever be faithful.

Writer: Gamel Sankarl






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