Will Pastor Accept ‘Fornication Money’ For Church Offering?


Any time I go to church and Pastor Abongo tongue-lash immoral and corrupt people, my heart aches and thumps heavily in my chest as if to come out. Sometimes, I wonder whether he has the powers to sniff the little and bigger secrets of the members seated in his church. Anyway, I do not doubt the anointing on his head. Maybe God revealed it to him. Prophet 1 ‘nie’! Hallelujah!

I have always admired him for the confidence to openly rebuke sin but there is one thing I detest about him. Yes, I hate his incessant spirit of motivating his members to give.

There have been several times that I remain glued to my seat and will not make any attempt to walk to the offering bowl and offer something to the Lord. It is not that I do not believe in giving and tithing. I really do. The question I ask myself always is: Do pastors really know the sources of the money they are taking from their members?

My reason for not moving an inch is simple. I slept with a man before I got the money I have in my bag. I knew the money is not clean; not holy and acceptable before God but my pastor’s urge to give is very tempting. Another embarrassing thing is sitting down as people walk pass me to give as if I am the poorest and next to a hungry church mouse.

I am a really pretty queen. It is not that I like fornicating because of my beauty as if I am a professional prostitute. Fornication is not my way of life. No, do not be quick to judge me. It is just that the job I do can only fetch me GH¢350 a month. How much is Brazilian hair? (May be I have to cut my hair short like men and be free). Cost of transportation and food alone take away all my salary. How do I survive in this economy where corrupt people reign and never care about anything?


I am not trying to justify my act of fornication with my boyfriend; hell no. I truly regretted it and if Christ had come, I knew I would have missed heaven. I am only trying to drum home the fact that sometimes, pastors and preachers should be concerned about the sources of the big money people give in churches.

I am not a preacher or a pastor. I am only a regretted sorrowful sinner, lamenting over heart throbbing issues in my life. I have not attended Bible School before, let alone read a whole book in the Bible. I haven’t done that before but my little Sunday school message rings a bell in my heart that God rejected the offering presented by Cain and accepted that of his brother, Abel.

This teaches me a lesson that there are some offerings and sources of money that God deems NOT HOLY AND ACCEPTABLE IN HIS HOUSE. If I have deliberately fornicated just to have some money of which I regretted so much, then pastors should not compel their members to commit the worst sin by compelling them to give to bring more curses on them.

How about taking bribes and cheating at the work places and in the market and get unusually more profit that you should receive and then come to the house of God, give testimony for a booming business and give offering of the same ‘dirty’ money? Gosh! There are many ladies who are jobless and yet dress better than those working. Do pastors really care about the sources of their money? Hmmm!

This is my story. I will be glad if all my readers who understand what I mean will share this and tag all pastors and preachers to draw their attention to the fact that, God is concerned about the sources of money they bring to His house. If pastors will not preach this message, then I have started. Join me spread this message by sharing it.

Writer: Obi Yaa, Administrative Secretary (Accra)

(Obi Yaa prefers that her email will not be published)

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