“And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation; the fear of the LORD is his treasure”, Isaiah 33:6

Education is nothing and talent is worthless if you cannot think.

The essence of education is to make you a thinker… anything else is a bonus.

Fred Smith (founder of FedEx) was given a C by his professor when he presented his project work on how mails can be delivered overnight… as far as his professor was concerned, it was impossible but guess what, a year later, it was done.

Lessons to Learn

  1. Thinking Is A Higher Level Of Education

The professor was educated but Fred Smith was a thinker. Helen Keller, an author, human rights activists and a lecturer was born blind and deaf. “How were you able to succeed in spite of all the odds against you?” a journalist asked her. Then she responded: “Mental blindness is worse than sight blindness. The man who has eyes but cannot see is a liability to his generation”.

  1. You Cannot Go Beyond Your Mental Capacity

You cannot work out what you have not thought out. People are broke and poor not because they do not have money but simply because they do not think. Before you do anything in this life, please take time to think. Before you go anywhere, let your mind go there first. Let your mind be miles ahead of your body.

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  1. Wealth Is For Thinkers But Not Wishers

A wise man once said, if you distribute the entire wealth of the world equitably to everyone, in just 1 year, the money will come back to the thinkers. The entire wealth of the world is controlled by 5% of the world’s population. Why? Because out of the over 8 billion people on this earth, only 5 percent think. 15% think that they are thinking and the rest of the 80% would rather die than think.

  1. Thinking Makes You Relevant In Life

Daniel served under the leadership of 4 kings in Babylon which means he was relevant for 55 years. Know that you are not relevant in the workplace and anywhere you find yourself if your level of knowledge and thinking is just at the same level with any other worker. You can be replaced easily. The company doesn’t lose if you resign. It is thinkers that companies try to keep when they voluntarily want to resign.

  1. Mind Your Mind

If you mind your mind, the world will mind you. You either use your mind or lose it to mediocrity and obscurity in life. Those who have used their minds to positively impact their generations are heroes.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Mind

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. A wasted mind is a waste resource. Only feed your mind with the right resources and you will be amazed what the human mind is capable of leading you to do.

  1. Only Thinkers Will Survive

Wisdom and knowledge are the stability of our time now. Without these, prepare to struggle. Life becomes simple and worth living when you have enough stock of wisdom and knowledge.

Writer: Pastor Isaac Bediako

(Pastor/Counselor/Writer/Life Coach)

ICGC, Life Temple, Swedru




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