What Lessons Can Be Learnt From The First Gentiles To Worship Jesus?


Jesus Christ did not indeed come to seek only the Jews but to seek and save all. The Magi from the East recorded in Matthew 2:1 were the first gentiles mentioned in the Bible to come and worship Jesus Christ.

How did it happen that gentiles were the first to come and worship Jesus? A star appeared and was seen in the east and the Magi were able to determine that this star was not just any other ordinary star and they decided to embark on a journey to find the new born King of the Jews. The ability of the Magi to find out who the star was for calls for another level of understanding, knowledge of science and astronomy.

There are five important lessons to learn here. When done reading, kindly share your views and personal lessons with us by commenting.

1. Your ability to see the star or hear about it is very important. Sometimes, many people wake up to see expired important events in life. What you see in life can lead to your discovery and breakthrough in life. The star the Magi saw led to their discovery of the new born king of the Jews.

2. Having the knowledge and the ability to read beyond the physical star that has just appeared was critical. In life, your ability to see beyond everything that happens around you can lead to greater discoveries and breakthroughs in life.

3. Making the attempt to seek Jesus and worship Him was the ultimate. Knowledge about the New Born King of the Jesus was not enough. It is your attempt to encounter Jesus Christ that matters. The first gentiles to worship Jesus made an attempt for a physical encounter. In Christianity, knowledge is not enough. It is your encounter that matters.

4. Worship is as a result of revelation and not just mere knowledge. Your personal revelation about Jesus Christ will lead you to voluntarily worship and serve Him. Without revelations, the first gentiles to worship Jesus would not have gone to bow down to a baby. They saw something greater and deeper beyond the baby lying down in a manger.

5. Jesus Christ to die for all mankind. The Jesus Christ of the Jews is the same Jesus Christ for the whites and the blacks. Jesus Christ died for all to be saved.

6. Worship comes with sacrifice and pouring your heart on the altar. The Magi did not only go to worship Jesus but to offer their gifts to Him (Matt. 2:11). You cannot be a true worshipper when you are stingy and find it difficult to give offerings and assist people in life. John 3:16 says that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. True love and worship go with giving.

The first gentiles to worship Jesus, the Magi travelled to find Jesus Christ. Today, you do not have to travel for a long distance before you can find Jesus. Jesus Christ is available to you right in your presence if only you will accept Him as LORD and personal Saviour.

Are there any more lessons to learn from the first gentiles that worshipped Jesus Christ? Share your thoughts with us.


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