13 reasons People Fear Dead Bodies

closeup of the feet of a dead body covered with a sheet, with a blank tag tied on the big toe of his left foot, in monochrome, with a vignette added

Have you ever asked yourself why people are so much scared and fear dead bodies as soon as loved ones die? Is it really normal for one to fear dead bodies? Is the fear of dead bodies related to the fear of ghosts? How real are ghosts? Do they really exist? Well, let us look at some reasons people fear dead bodies as soon as loved ones die.

1. The mere sight of seeing a dead body: Anytime you hear someone close and dear to you is dead, the mere sight of seeing the dead person alone brings some level of fear in life. It tells you that what happened to that person can also happen to you as well.

2. Dead bodies represent death: The moment you hear that someone is dead, it means that death has taken the person away. Your friend and loved one will no longer live among you but is taken away. That person is cut off from the living. It brings some level of fear.

3. Death is one of man’s most dreaded enemies: People simply fear dead bodies because death is one of the worst enemies of mankind. However, in some cultures, the dead are not feared at all. They bury the dead even in their homes and live with them.

4. The many horrible stories about death and the dead: What were some of the horrible childhood stories you were told about death or that thing that happened to someone after seeing a dead person?


5. Not emotionally and psychologically prepared to see dead bodies: You can be a health worker working in the mortuary and seeing dead bodies every day but sometimes, you may be shaken by some terrifying scenes.

6. Dead bodies are not nice to see in their helpless or motionless state. Seeing it alone may give you bad memories for life.  

7. Dead bodies remind you of the end of man: People do not simply want to be reminded of how life will end on the earth through death. People want to cut off any story and realities of the life beyond. Terrifying as it may seem, realities are realities.

8. Death is painful and brings lot of pain, disappointment, frustration and sometimes, irreplaceable feeling of losing a loved one.

9. Death ends everything on earth. Death will silence you the moment you are taken away. Regardless of how great and influencing you are, the moment death knocks on your door, all your plans have come to an end immediately. You do not have the opportunity to do anything for yourself again.

10. Personal reasons. Some people have so many personal reasons for which they fear the dead.

11. Not sure about salvation after death and not having enough information alone may bring panic. If you lack information about death and the life hereafter, you will turn to live in fear and panic.

12. Treatment given to the dead: The mere fact that death takes you away from the comfort of your home and mortal remains will go through so many horrible processes on earth and sometimes being put in “fridge” naked where other people will see your nakedness can bring some level of sorrow and fear.

13. The dead are isolated and taken far away. The dead do not live among the living. The mortal remains of a dead person is taken to the mortuary and then to a far away cemetery and left alone over there.

The truth of the matter is that death is common to all people. Hebrews 9:27 says that it is appointed onto man to die only once and after that face judgment. Death is a transition of mankind from humanity to into eternity. While you have life today, think about the life thereafter. If you are not sure of where you will spend eternity if death should knock on your door today, then consider accepting Jesus Christ as LORD and personal saviour.

Apart from these 13 reasons why people fear death, is there any other reason that makes you fear so much in life about death? Share with us by commenting and do not forget to share this article with friends.



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