11 Pieces of Advice to Tracey Boakye and Husband


Over the past few days, Tracy Boakye and the husband have been trending as their engagement and wedding pictures tend to pop up on news portals and other social media platforms. While many people congratulate them and are genuinely happy for them, a lot more seem to tongue-lash and bash them seeing the next phase of their lives in another way. Like other failed marriages of fellow industry players, many people have taken to social media to express their views and predict that the marriage will soon hit the rocks. Well, to Tracy Boakye and any other person getting married soon, we wish you well and try to stick to these 11 pieces of advice.  

1. Live to please God and not man: After the flamboyance, the hype by the media, the trending news and when all seem silent, that is where the real marriage life begins. Live your life and let your marriage please God only and not men. You are not in competition with anyone.

2. Don’t live your life and project your marriage to prove a point: If you are not careful, you will spend your life scheming and trying to live to prove a point. Never live your marital life and project your marriage to prove a point to your enemies. You did not marry because of your enemies but for yourself and your husband.

3. If necessary, cut off the show offs: When you live your life and build in silence, people will not know what to attack again in your life and marriage. The more you put up lots of show offs of your properties and personal things that should not be in the public domain, the more people decide to dig into your past, label you with all kinds of names and let out some old cats out of the bag.

4. You can act in the movies but not in marriage: In the movies, you act by the script of the writer but in marriage, it is the script of God; that is the word of God. You cannot have a successful marriage without acting on the word of God. Embrace the ways and will of God, not the ways of the world.

5. If it will be, then it depends on both of you: There is nothing like a happy and a better marriage somewhere. It is two good people that come together to make marriage a better one. The success of the marriage depends on both of you. Make it work! It is your responsibility.

6. Know what to keep private and public: Sometimes, it is better to keep quiet and mind your own business than to stage some drama on social media to keep people talking about you.

7. Cut off all links to exes and all other Papano: Remember that you no longer have any private life to some extent. People are constantly watching and monitoring your life for reports and news items. Learn to cut off all links to exes and if possible, any available “Papano” in your life so that the negative predictions of people will not come to pass.

8. Be more security conscious. After marriage, you can be surprised if you are not careful. You have no idea who is monitoring your life to mess you up and make you a laughing stock.

9. Couples that pray, plan and play together, live together: That is the real business of marriage. It is non-negotiable. Henceforth, your best friend, playmate, confidant and chat mate becomes your partner and not any other person.

10. Learn to bury your little squabbles, not yourselves: Little challenges will surely crop up in your marriage. Learn to bury your problems but not yourselves otherwise, your marriage will not survive.

11. Trust only God and not man: When challenges hit you hard, be careful who you talk to; for some people cannot wait to trade with your secrets and even blackmail you.

Congratulations for finding true love. May the LORD make His face shine on you and your husband to be good examples for others. Let’s all learn from these 11 pieces of advice to Tracy Boakye and the husband.


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