10 Disadvantages of WhatsApp Chat Group


WhatsApp is one of the most important and less costly social media networks to use. Its introduction enables one to send free messages, videos, audios and even pictures to friends and loved ones regardless of location and national boundaries. One of the features of WhatsApp is group chats or pages.

This is normally a group created for people with common interest to socialize and share common ideas. However, it seems chat groups are becoming a headache to WhatsApp users. Have you ever felt angry and left a WhatsApp immediately and deleted the group? What was the actual problem that got you pissed off on the WhatsApp chat group? Well, let us discuss some 10 disadvantages of WhatsApp chat group.

10 Disadvantages of WhatsApp Chat Groups
1. Too Much to Read At A Time
Most of the time, there seems to be too much for you to read if you turn off your data or internet for a short time or a whole day. The situation becomes a bit alarming if one receives over 1000 messages to read in only one chat group and with similar number of messages to read in more chat groups. Sometimes, people ignore all those messages since it will take a long time to read them.

2. Nuisance if not on mute
Sometimes, the rate at which whatsapp messages are received could be a nuisance if the group is not muted. The whatsapp message tone becomes a nuisance where it rings continuously within short intervals. This is also likely to destruct people at work, schools and perhaps, affect productivity.

3. Kills battery
Until the data or internet service is turned off, whatsapp messages are likely to drain your battery more especially when your phone rings and vibrates any time you receive a message.


4. Wastes time
Whatapp is one of the easy and effective ways of communication but it wastes time just like any other social media platforms. Its easy accessibility enables one to read anywhere and this can be time consuming. This also calls for spending more time typing the messages to the recipient.

5. Effective communication demands fast typing speed
Chatting in groups is only effective if one could type very fast. However, using a smart phone with difficulty in typing delays messages; kills one’s interest and spoils the flow of communication. Whatsapp chat demands a lot of typing, hence the use of smileys and other short cuts for some common expressions.

6. Reduces Productivity
It has been observed that a lot of workers whatsapp during working hours. Some companies transact their businesses via whatsapp chats, exchange of messages, audios, pictures and videos. However, productivity at the workplace reduces when one uses working hours more often to check and respond to personal messages other than business. It is for this reason that some companies do not allow any form of communication via personal phones apart from company lines.

The negative effect is not different from what happens in schools when students are caught chatting on whatsapp and other social media platforms instead of concentrating on their studies.

7. Wastes credit and internet bundles
One of the disadvantages of chat groups is wasting of internet bundles and one’s credit more especially on irrelevant issues. The situation becomes worse for those who do not turn off their internet data.

8. Whatsapp is addictive
In an interview with some smart phone users, they confessed that using whatsapp has some addictive properties as some of them turn to check their messages almost every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

9. Bullying during discussions
You may not believe this but many members in a group chat have left because of bullying. Sometimes, some people hurt others with their comments, expensive jokes and sarcasm. Offended and aggrieved members who find this as a nuisance and an insult quietly leave the group and this should be a worry to all, especially the group admin. The appropriate thing to do is to follow up on members who exit the group.

10. Membership without Consent and More attention for less important things and ignore important ones
Most of the times, people create chat groups and add their friends and anyone that they think should be in the group without the consent of the person. This is the more reason for which people are added to chat groups and they leave the group immediately they realize where they have been added. Sometimes, one will realize a lot of messages have trickled in only to realize they were for less important issues in life and reading all those messages is not worth one’s time. When important and weightier issues are put on board for discussion, members sometimes remain silent and seem to be very busy and occupied with something very important but will show up to contribute for less important things.

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