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Stop Dreaming About Your Marriage & Start Working On It

Dear singles, there is no love in marriage, no happiness, no care, no pleasure and no bond of friendship. If there's anything like true love, then...

15 Reasons Not To Marry A Pretender

Over the years, I have received many calls and handled many situations of singles who were dating people who were pretending in a...

17 Reasons To Ban Amorous Pre-wedding Photoshoots

Weddings are one of the most solemn and sacred events in anyone’s life that are meant to usher the two would-be couple into the...

When The Devil Has Time For Your Wife

To all the married and single men in a relationship, when the devil had time for Eve and started chatting and whatsapping her, humanity...

10 Reasons Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Aren’t So Important

Weddings are a solemn event that ushers two would-be lovers into marriage. It is a time of preparation in all angles including spiritual matters...

11 Bad Perceptions People Have About Singles Whose Marriage Delay

Do you know the troubles and the perceptions people have about singles simply because your marriage has delayed? Sometimes, the single ladies, especially, hide...

2 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots People Are Still Talking About

Over the past few years, people have become creative in their pre-wedding photoshoots to announcement the solemnization of their holy matrimony. Though creativity is...

15 Negative Perceptions People Have About Marrying A Beautiful Woman

Last week, I got a call from a friend who was frustrated about the perception of his parents, some friends and loved ones about...

30 Annoying And Insulting Questions You Should Stop Asking Singles

Recently, I was invited to speak at a conference as one of the main resource persons for a training session on Christian leadership and...

Have You Lost Your Affection For Your Partner?

“Lack of affection has the potential to hurt our relationships. It limits the level of intimacy couples have for each other and creates unnecessary...