Kpasenkpe District Fetes 57 Widows to End the 2023 Christmas Season


In a colourful event held at Kpasenkpe Central on Friday, 29th December, 2023, Kpasenkpe District fetes 57 widows to end the 2023 Christmas season to put smiles on the faces of 57 widows. The district minister, Ovr. Ernest Kojo Akorli, while speaking on the theme “Extending the love of Christ to widows” said that the love of Christ must be extended to all people especially, the needy, the marginalized and all unreached people groups. Reading from 1 Timothy 5:16 and Psalm 68:5, he stressed that taking care of the needy widows is the responsibility of family members and the church.

Ovr. Akorli stressed that it is expected of widows to remain committed in the LORD and play exemplary roles in nurturing the younger generation. He added that Christian widows should be careful of cultural widowhood practices that is contrary to the Christian faith. He concluded by saying that “Let us be careful of how we treat widows and widowers in the society; for anyone at all can be in that state at any moment in life. No one chooses to be a widow or a widower; it is one of the inevitable stages of the married”.

The 57 widows in attendance each received a cloth, a takeaway pack, sobolo and zomkom drinks. The pieces of cloths were donations received from Offinso Area of the Church of Pentecost, Mr. Kwabena Ikeson and the district minister and wife. The program ended in joyful moment of feasting and dancing to melodious yuletide tunes.

Kpasenkpe District Fetes 57 Widows to end the 2023 Christmas Season is second of its program which started in 2021. The maiden edition which was organized in 2021 won three souls. The widows in attendance were from 12 local assemblies from different communities. The windows conference, which was introduced by the District Minister of Kpasenkpe has become an annual program. The district relies heavily on donors who donate cloths, materials, cash and other items to make the program a success.

Reported By
Ovr. Ernest Kojo Akorli
Kpasenkpe District Pastor



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