10 Rules and Ethics To Observe In WhatsApp Group Page – Part 1


WhatsApp is one of the best applications that easily facilitate communication among friends, loved ones, business partners and many other people. One of the features of WhatsApp is the Group Page but without observing some level of ethics, group pages will be a nuisance to its members. In this article, I will discuss the 10 rules and ethics to observe in WhatsApp group. Kindly tell us of your experiences about some rules and ethics to observe when you are done reading.

10 Rules and Ethics To Observe In WhatsApp Group Page

  1. Don’t Initiate a Discussion and leave silently without moderating it.

One of the annoying things people do on WhatsApp pages is to initiate a discussion or a debate on an interesting topic only for the person to silently go offline without moderating the discussion or the debate. Do not initiate any discussion if you know you won’t be available to moderate, comment and control the flow of discussion. It is very annoying and kills group interest and participation.

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  1. Post Only Appropriate Contents
  • Be mindful of the interest of the particular group you have joined before posting articles. It will be inappropriate to post articles which may offend other group members causing them to leave the page.
  • Thoroughly read the contents of any article or post received before sharing on group pages because you are responsible for anything you post.
  • Avoid the posting and sharing of misleading information without any basis.
  • Desist from posting too long posts or articles. If possible and if you are the writer for such posts, then learn to break them into parts and volumes. Note that averagely, people are only interested in spending 1-3 minutes to read materials on social media.
  • Avoid jokes that may degrade and insult a particular individual, groups of people, tribe, religion and others. This may kill group interest.
  • Over the few years, WhatsApp has gone through many updates creating more useful features to the users. Formerly, there is no way you can delete a wrong post but thanks to the developers, all those features have been added now to assist users who wrongly post private or personal stuffs on wrong platforms and to other contacts. The only beef with this new feature is that, the wrong post can be deleted even after the person has read it but this is not in the case of videos and pictures downloaded onto the personal devices of users.
  1. Observe the Constitution of the Group

Some WhatsApp users have taken WhatsApp pages to another level to ensure sanity in the group by developing constitutions to streamline its activities.

  • Make sure you abide by the generally accepted terms by all members.
  • Be mindful of who has the right to change the display photo (dp) of the group. Stay away from this if the constitution gives the sole right to the group admins.
  • Again, do not be tempted to change the group name for any special event (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) when generally, that responsibility has been conferred on the group admins.
  1. Avoid Verbal Abuse, Bullying and Attacks.

One of the essential things you need to remember is that, WhatsApp Page Group Members are people from different cultures, religion and perhaps, different educational levels altogether.

Desist from abusing group members who may not agree or condemn your points. Group pages are platforms to exchange ideas and socialize but not a social battle ground to attack people.

These days, WhatsApp has even introduce the Report Spam feature to help control sending spams and unnecessary messages to people. You can click on report spam from unknown contacts that try to bully you and attack you through WhatsApp.

  1. Be Courteous Enough

Apologize when you realize that you have posted the wrong content in the wrong group. Be courteous enough to say sorry to anyone who takes offence because of your comments or post. You may be the next person to be offended tomorrow and your big ego may not serve you right when you are now offended and the person refuses to acknowledge the offence and apologize.

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  1. Please help?? I want to inform the members of my group about the rules of my group and the purpose of the group. How do I enter that so that everybody can see and read it?

    • Thanks, Louis for your questions.

      Here are a few things for you to do.

      1. Let all members be aware of the purpose of the platform or group you have created. It should be a short writeup

      2. Tell the memebers of the relevant posts expected from each member. Example: All posts into the group by the members should be according to the purpose of the group.

      3. Set Rules Governing the Group
      Example. No one changes the Display Photo (Dp) of the group except the admin. No bullying or verbal attacks, no racists comments or postings, no nude or sexually explicit pictures and videos, personal chats between two people should not be done on group pages, etc.

      4. Group discussions should be moderated in order to achieve purpose and whip up the interest of other members, otherwise, they will leave the group.

      We hope this few suggestions will assist you.

      Best of Luck!

  2. This is certainly one of the best posts i have read about rules and ethics to observe on whatsapp. I recommend this article for all to read because failure to observe these makes whatsapp chat groups and pages a nuisance


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