The Irony of life – 5 lessons to learn from Claudio Ranieri


In 2004, Claudio Ranieri was regarded and seen as a failure and a loser during his relationship with Chelsea. 12 years on, he is now the winner and the most celebrated manager by another team called Leicester Football club after leading them to win the Barclays Premiership.

Lesson 1: You Are Not A Failure & A Loser

You are not a failure & a loser

In life, some people may regard you as a failure and a loser just because you are trying to make things happen. You may be seen as a disappointment by those who do not have the patience to invest in you to become all that you are created to be in life but with determination and dedication, keep your focus on your assignment (PURPOSE) and you will surely succeed.

Lesson 2: Wrong Environment & Negative People Can Kill Your Dreams


wrong environment and negative people can kill your dreams.

Sometimes, the environment and the people in your life could be the reason for your failure. They prevent and hinder your light from shinning. Don’t let your light of hope be dimmed by negative people. Remember that, when you stay positive on your assignment, you will shine in the corner and be celebrated.

Lesson 3: Change Your Wrong Environment & Perception

Change your environment and perception

Never give up on yourself, but change your environment and the perception you have developed within such environment and see how well and fast you succeed in life.

Lesson 4: God Can Use You

God Can Use You...
God Can Use You…

God can use you for His glory and praise. So, be patient with Him as He leads you on. It does not matter how long it takes for you to shine, just hang in there with God. He is the Way Maker and promoter of DESTINY.

Lesson 5: Don’t Be Discouraged By Those Who Have Gone Ahead

Don’t Be Discouraged By Those Who Have Gone Ahead
Don’t Be Discouraged By Those Who Have Gone Ahead

Never allow those who have gone ahead of you in life to mock or label you as a failure. God has destined you to succeed one day. Step up and keep up with your dream. You will soar and not fly, overtake and receive your crown of achievement. Keep moving!

Remember This


The poorest person on the planet is the one who hasn’t discovered him or herself yet. However, the wealthiest person is the one who has discovered him or herself. Self-discovery is the most powerful force one needs in order to become great in life. The greatest battle in the world is not against the ISIS, but against the mind of self-discovery. Discover yourself and see how powerful you become to your enemies. I dare you Now!!!

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