13 Ways to be yourself and authentic in life.


Today’s generation is full of many artificial things, fake looks, fake hips, fake breasts, fake hair, fake personality, fake wealth displayed on social media and many cosmetics and other products designed to give people a different look than who they really are. Each day, people spend huge amounts of money buying products that can make them look different, younger and smarter just to impress and please people. The question is does this also please God? No matter how well you try, you can’t beat originality with fake looks. Be real, be authentic and be yourself and that is where your unique identity comes from but not through fake looks and appearances.

Worry no more trying and spending money to put up fake and deceptive appearances. These 13 ways to be yourself and live authentic life will assist you.

13 Ways to be yourself and authentic in life.

1. Always remain original and authentic.

2. Never fake to be something you are not.


3. Foster an open mind about your true self.

4. Trust your intuition and pay attention to the things that make you, you.

5. Believe in yourself and be ready to immerse yourself in a new domain.

6. Never shy away to be true to yourself.

7. Know that, you are unique. Nobody is like you.

8. Your happiness is not in anyone’s hands. So, don’t change to please anyone but God.

9. Always commit to doing nice things to impact your world.

10. Accept yourself as you are right now. Never allow the opinions of others to depress you.

11. Eliminate negative and toxic people in your life.

12. Express your thoughts and feelings freely but with caution.

13. Don’t put on different face to please people.

Living a fake life is an indication that you do not like how God created you and you do not accept your own uniqueness as a person. Be real. Be authentic. Be you and not another person.

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