10 Things to Do To Your Mother After Mothers’ Day

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So after Mothers’ Day, what next? Do you have to wait till another whole year before you could give your mum a good treat? Many people tend to forget their mothers after the euphoria of Mothers’ Day dies out. What happens to your old mother who is feeling lonely without anyone to talk to and might need more attention and care than never before?

  1. Don’t Make it a One Day Show

To some of you, your mama made each day like a birthday celebration for you just to see that smile on your face as a child. And to others, your mother made some events so special to you and those events made your day. It is time to reciprocate at least, some love for your mum.

  1. The Little Things Matter Most

Sometimes, people win our hearts through the little things they do for us but not through that ‘big thing’ you are thinking of. Your mother spent a lot of time doing all the boring, repetitive and annoying little things for you just to make sure that you are comfortable and okay in life. It is time to reciprocate it now that she is very old and needs your love and care.

  1. Don’t Feel Shy of Her Old Age and Reject Her

To some of you, your sweet mother is now very old, looking ugly, her face is wrinkled and she cannot even walk well. You said she is not romantic and presentable but you forgot that giving birth to you weakened her. You suck her breast and it sagged and fell. Don’t reject your mum because she is old; she did not reject you either when you were also very vulnerable and messing her dress in public.

  1. Don’t Cut the Visit. Schedule it if Possible

You haven’t done enough if you visit your mum on Mothers’ Day and never show up again. Do you know what your mother went through visiting you regularly in the boarding school, checking up on you frequently and other things in order to make you feel special and loved? Many people are dead due to loneliness. Don’t let loneliness kill your mother before her time.

  1. Don’t Forget to Call

Do we really have any excuse for which we will not be able to call our mums in a whole month and find out how she is doing? Your mother had to walk or travel for long distances to check on you in those days because there were no telephones. And now we have mobile phones so what excuse do you have?

Remember that your mother had the all the time to listen to you babble meaninglessly. She enjoyed your meaningless babbling and didn’t complain.

  1. Take Her Out

Do you still remember some of the memorable days you had with your mum when you were a kid? Occasionally, you can take your old mum out for a drink or a dinner. You have no idea how boring it is to be in the house. Stop thinking of giving your mother a befitting burial; start thinking of giving her quality time. That is what she needs.

  1. Don’t Treat Her As A Servant

To some people, their mothers are living with them and they treat them like servants and slaves. It behooves you to show respect to your mother even if she willingly offered herself to be doing the cooking, the laundry works and general house chores for you.

  1. Show Appreciation

In all ways, learn to appreciate your mother no matter the situation. Learn to appreciate the little things she still does for you. Learn to appreciate her in front of your children. If you don’t show respect and appreciate her before your children, they won’t do so either.

  1. You Can Bring Back Her Favourite Memories

Has your mum been talking about a particular place she visited some years ago and how special she felt? Take her on a weekend visit. How about a particular food? You could prepare it for her one day or surprise her by taking her to that special restaurant one day. How about other events? Learn how to bring back some best memories to bring new meaning and life to your mother.

  1. Don’t forget Her Birthday & Other Anniversaries

Sometimes, it hurts a lot when the very people who are so dear and close to us forget our special moments and anniversaries. Set a reminder of those special events and plan them ahead of time. They may forget about their own birthdays but remembering and celebrating them reminds them that at least, someone thinks about them.

Make your mother feel special. Le her know you are happy to have her as your mother. Sometimes too, you can invite her to spend the holidays with you for a short time, take her out and give her a good treat. These could reduce the feeling of loneliness during old age especially if your father had passed away long ago.

What has been your experience with your sweet mother? Tell us the other things you do to make her happy after the much hyped Mothers’ Day event is over.

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