10 Shortcuts You Should Avoid In Life

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Life is sometimes like a story full of many twist and turns, like a drama full of ironies and many uncertainties. Sometimes, we don’t really get what we want. And at other times too, you will get what you want but not at the time you needed it. Sometimes too, one has to go through many processes and procedures before getting things done. These and many other reasons lead to many people becoming inpatient and desiring to use many shortcuts in life to get results.

In this article, I want to briefly discuss some 10 shortcuts you should avoid in life. When done reading, kindly share your experience and views with us.

10 Shortcuts You Should Avoid In Life

  1. Shortcut to succeed in life

There is no shortcut to succeed in life. Be patient and work on yourself, vision and gradually, you will hit the jackpot one day. Many people who dream of having a shortcut to success end up cutting off their own lives. Be patient and be wise.

  1. Shortcut to get money

Money is not an evil thing. It is the love of money and your desperate desire to get it that becomes the root of all evil. The love of money has ended many people to go to their early graves, killing innocent people and engage in many criminal activities in life.

  1. Shortcut to marry

Marriage is a process. There is no sense in rushing to marry. You can choose to ignore the rightful process of getting married but you will regret it tomorrow when your marriage faces a threat of divorce and other legal issues.

  1. Shortcut to grow in life

There is no shortcut in life to grow. I have heard some parents wish their children could grow up in life earlier so that they could have their freedom and be free from the burden of raising up kids. Sometimes, people rush to do certain things in life and only end up taking antiaging drugs to look younger. And I have also come across people who reduced or increased their ages through many dubious means just to satisfy a particular criteria in life. Be patient. Don’t increase your age or reduce it for any unlawful gains and purposes.

  1. Shortcut to finish your education

Education is a process. If you choose to go the formal way of education then be patient to go through. Stop thinking of paying people to award you with fake certificates. You can get those fake certificates but you cannot possess the kind of knowledge you needed from that institution. Be patient in life.

I have come across some crooks who can design and print any university degree certificates for you whether you have attended that university or not. These days, people buy certificates with money and sexual favours but all these are vanity. Once the truth is revealed, you should be prepared to face the consequences which have a resultant effect on losing your reputation.

  1. Shortcut to love

Love grows. There is no shortcut to love someone. Love must first be developed before it grows. The love that starts from good friendship before dating and marriage is the best. You can force yourself to love someone but be careful you don’t force yourself to hate that same person if your love runs out of stock. Nurture your love to grow.

  1. Shortcut to die

Whether you like it or not; whether you cry or not, you will surely die one day so do not be in a hurry to commit suicide and kill yourself because of a problem. Don’t kill yourself before your time. There is hope for you tomorrow so never harm yourself because of a problem.

  1. Shortcut to fame

One of the worst things people do these days is the craze and crave to become a super star hence, a lot of young ladies these days have resorted to sharing your nudes to go viral and become a star. A lot more also go into buttocks and breasts enhancements just to have a wonderful shape to become popular. Popularity without any value for posterity is vanity.

  1. Shortcuts to build your house

Another serious shortcut in life everyone needs to avoid is building your house. In building a house, you have to take into consideration, some technical and other professional requirements in order to lay a solid foundation and build your house according to plan. Without this, know that your building is a death trap to any inhabitant in that house.

  1. Shortcut for promotion

Promotion comes through hard work and merit. Never take any shortcut through bribe and offering sexual favours just to get the promotion. Promotion comes with a huge responsibility and the ability to perform. Once you got there through a shortcut without any training, experience and the required knowledge, you cannot live up to the huge responsibility. Say no to shortcuts in life.

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