11 Ways To Be Your Own Enemy & Kill Your New Year Vision

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Welcome to the New Year. Be grateful to God for being part of the living. You are simply alive and not dead because God believes in you and He has given you enough time and opportunity to keep trying your dreams until you complete your destiny.

You are passionate and determined about this year. That is good. Many people like you are fasting and praying against enemies of your progress in this New Year. I’m sure some of you will kill your enemies if you know them or perhaps, pray that God kills them but do you know that many of you are your own enemies of progress?

In this article, I will like to share with you some of the ways you become your own enemy and destroy your New Year vision as well.

11 Ways To Be Your Own Enemy & Kill Your New Year Vision

  1. You are full of doubt

You can never achieve anything beyond the limit you set for yourself. If you are full of doubts about your dreams, plans and future, then know that you cannot achieve anything good in life.

  1. Your indecisiveness

Your indecisiveness could explain the many reasons why some opportunities slip away through your fingers without noticing.

  1. Too Much Time Wasting Attitudes

Your time wasting attitudes eats away all the active days of your life. Stop wasting time now.

  1. Laziness is A Killer of Your Dreams

Laziness is simply someone’s reason for failing. Be serious and passionate about your dreams. It is not enough to dream; never enough to just try but keep pushing harder towards the goal.

  1. When Deceptions Are Part of Your Rules In Life

Do not expect others to treat you well if you are full of lies, deception and many mischievous activities. You will surely reap the fruits of the bad seeds you sowed.

  1. Unfaithfulness

No business partner will trust you and will like to do business with you if you are full of unfaithfulness. People do business with you not because they like your company but because of your trustworthiness and faithfulness.

  1. Belief in negativities

If you listen to all the negative stories, all the failures and reasons for which others failed and why you too you cannot make it, then be sure that you have already killed your own dreams and become an enemy to yourself.

  1. Unacceptable Excuses

Know that you are not going anywhere in life if you are full of giving excuses just to defend your failure for not trying harder.

  1. Telling Blatant lies

You have to try as much as possible to tell the truth this year. One simple lie you tell can spell your doom and cut off relationship you took years to build. This bad attitude weakens trust among people.

  1. Evil And Negative Thoughts

You have to control the very things you think about. If you think you can make it and you take actions, then you will surely make it.

  1. Lukewarm Attitudes Towards The Things of God

Oh, so you want God to bless you and give you all the best opportunities in this world but your attitudes towards Him are bad? You only remember that there is God when you fall into trouble? You cannot begin your New Year this way.

You have to take a decision to eschew these bad attitudes in your life if only you want to make it. These are the real enemies you permit into your own life. Before you pray against your enemies, pause and check. You might be praying against yourself if the above are part of your life.

Remember, the enemy on the inside of you that impedes your progress is more dangerous than the one you are fasting and praying against.


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