12 Ways Some Pastors and Preachers Discriminate & Reject Programs & People


Recently, I was having time with a friend who has been doing a lot of speaking engagements from one church to another. He received a call from an event organizer inviting him to minister at a children’s program but he did not honour the invitation on the grounds that they were just children. He was looking for adults to speak to them but not children and besides, children’s program do not necessarily attract good honorarium.

His words cut my heart like a sharp arrow shot through it. This was somebody who used to accept all invitations when his fame had not yet reached the limelight. As I pondered on the whole issue, I caught some wisdom and understanding to share with my dearest readers.  Here are some of the ways some pastors and preachers discriminate and reject programs and some people in their ministry.

12 Ways Some Pastors And Preachers Discriminate & Reject Programs & People

  1. Pride – Feeling Too Big For Some Programs

When pride finally finds its way into your head and heart as a pastor or any preacher, you will feel that some people don’t deserve your attention to listen to Gospel of Christ. To some preachers, their levels have changed so they do not honour some invitations. Oh really? Your levels may change but the truth is the gospel has not changed. There are no levels of salvation; the truth is just one. Why should people come to you and beg you several times before you accept to minister in their churches if there are no genuine reasons for which you cannot honour it? Remember, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5).

Man of God, we bless the Almighty for the grace and spiritual gifts of God on your life but to do “pick and choose” without the will of God is a foul cry to the integrity of the ministerial work.

  1. Feeling The Crowd Is Too Small For You

I have heard pastors and preachers complained bitterly and swore never to preach on some platforms again because the membership was too small. To them, they are mega church preachers or pastors. Oh really? I see. How about Jesus Christ who began His ministry with personal evangelism? Jesus did not feel too big too to spread the gospel to individuals. In fact, He did not call His disciples from a mega church crusade. Are there some people that are too small to hear the word of God?

Let’s remember our beginning our Ministers of God. Some preachers even had to beg people to attend their churches when they had no members at all but these same preachers are now looking down on some groups because they are too small. No one is too small or big to listen to the Gospel of salvation (1 Cor. 10:33, 2 Tim. 2:10).

Before God, everyone needs to hear the gospel and come to repentance. How will they hear if you discriminate and reject these smaller groups? (Rom. 10:14).

  1. When Age Becomes A Barrier To Spread The Gospel – They Are Just Children

My friends, the preacher eventually refused to honour the invitation because it was a children’s program. In Matt. 19:14, Jesus said, let all the children come to me but here is a preacher who has turned down the invitation of a religious program because he felt membership was not to his expectation in age wise.

Today, many preachers want platforms to minister to only adults. Ministering to children is sometimes ignored but you have no idea what the future holds for them. It’s easier to train soft hearted children than hardened adults. Train the child the way he should go and he won’t depart from it when he grows (Prov. 22:6).

  1. When Anticipated Honorarium Will Be Smaller Than Expected Amount

Due to the nature of my work as a motivational speaker, a preacher and a writer and a blogger, I have come across a lot of preachers who refused to honour some programs because the honorarium they will be given at the end will be too small. And I have also come across a lot of preachers who also reject those money no matter how big or small. To the latter, they should not be paid before people can hear the Word of God. And where the money is forced on them, they give it back as offering in the same church before leaving. Do not let your crave for money discriminate and deprive others to hear the word of God.

  1. When Distance Becomes A Problem

Here is another group of pastors and preachers who reject preaching appointments because the venues are too far. The early prophets, preachers and apostles travelled very far for days and months on foot, animals and by ship before reaching their destinations to minister. Returning to their homes calls for another trouble and yet they never complained. Some had to walk and travel for long distances without even honorariums, travelling allowances and other benefits and yet, their joy was to spread the gospel to save dying souls.

In our days, many pastors and preachers have the fastest and flashy cars. Some are even lucky to have their own private jets and yet, they still reject preaching appointments on the grounds of far distance.

  1. When Communication Becomes A Problem

Sometimes, medium of communication becomes one of the reasons why some preachers reject preaching appointments. This happens when one is expected to speak especially in a particular language and he knows that he is not fluent. Preachers who cannot express themselves well in some languages tend to avoid preaching appointments more especially if the target group is a youthful group. The preacher is likely to be ridiculed. Communication flows best when one is able to express himself or herself in the language he/she can speak best.

In such instances, it is advisable for preachers to honour such invitations with interpreters.

  1. Giving More Attention To A Particular Tribe, Race, Kinsmen, Family and Financial Status

As a preacher, you do not have to discriminate the preaching of the gospel based on tribe, race, kinsmen or family status. Remember that Jesus Christ came to die for all men but not to a particular tribe or race.

  1. When Churches Are Established in Rich And Elite Communities

Do you know that some churches are for the elites or the financial gurus in the communities? Those churches have no branches in poor villages. They have more branches in the capital cities and rich communities than in the villages. Some pastors will not accept posting to such communities but prefer to be the in the cities and enjoy all the good and flashy things in the world.

The poor cannot stay in the church because the flamboyant lifestyles alone of the rich will push them away. And how about offering time? It is disheartening to be in a church where the rich do “show” with their money and you do not have any money in your pocket or purse.

  1. When Expectation Is Based On Higher Education And Deeper Knowledge

I have also come across some preachers who have blatantly rejected some preaching appointments due to the caliber of people they were to minister to them. Normally, such churches are filled with high elite classes of people ranging from all professions and highest level of education. As a result, some preachers fear to accept such invitations for fear of ridicule and embarrassing themselves when expectations are not met.

  1. Lack of Preparation

The Bible emphatically said that a man never give what he doesn’t have. Preparation is a key factor when it comes to ministering the word of God. Sometimes, it becomes too obvious when preachers try to run a commentary around the main text chosen and beat about the bush. The well informed membership realizes that the preacher has not prepared adequately enough to deliver a good message. When members feel that their time spent in the house of God is not worth what they have received from the pulpit, disaster begins to set in gradually and eventually affect the commitment and attendance of such members.

  1. When Smaller Churches Want To Use “Big Pastors” To Grow Their Churches

If you are a young preacher or pastor but wants to take advantage of the fame of senior ministers’ presence to advertise your church and grow it, then you are likely to be shown the red card. Rather, feed the people with the right message, when their lives are touched and transformed, they will remain in the church and bring others to join.

  1. Poor Relationship With Invited Preachers

Many people honour invitations based on relationships. Regardless of how small your membership may be, “big or mega church preachers” may honour your invitation to preach in your church when you become like a son, a mentee and a brother to them. The advice here is that, develop a relationship and build the capacity to host people before inviting them.

And now, pastors and preachers, how have you discriminated and rejected some programs and some people? Is that really a mark of a true disciple who is seeking to bring all to the saving knowledge of God?

Is God happy about your attitudes towards smaller groups when you reject them because they are small? Is God happy because you are discriminating and rejecting children’s program because they are children?

Does it mean that some people do not deserve to hear the gospel if you discriminate and reject them based on the above?

Share your experience by telling us about ways Some Pastors and Preachers Discriminate & Reject Programs & People.




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