6 Ways to Tag People on Facebook


Today, I want to share with the 6 ways to tag people on Facebook. Kindly share your thoughts and experiences with us when you are done reading.

Tagging on Facebook can really work for you if only you do it well. On the other hand, it may not augur well for you at all if you do it any how to incur the displeasure of the people who have been tagged. Most of the times, I remove any post or photo I’m tagged in if I do not like the contents.

As a matter of fact, there are ways you can do this on Facebook. I hope these ways will be of good help to you.

6 Ways to Tag People on Facebook

  1. You Can Tag Anyone

Officially, Facebook allows you to tag a maximum of 50 people in a photo. However, you can go beyond this number by mentioning your friends’ names in a post. Ensure that the name mentioned pops up by Facebook name suggestions and choose the person among the options Facebook gives you. After uploading your photo, click on “the Edit Button” and type your friends’ names. Sometimes, other people who are not tagged in your photo also request to be tagged of which you have to accept or decline.

  1. People Can Also Tag You In Their Photos

Just as you can tag anyone in a post or photo, people can also do same to you. Sometimes, some people become selfish; they tag many people in their photos and posts but restrict tagging on their walls or remove tags. You must take cognizance of the fact that peoples’ personal walls are not public notice boards for you to just post anything whether they like the contents or not.

  1. You have the right to remove any photo you are tagged in.

You have the right remove any photo or post you are tagged in. You should not allow any pornographic or disgraceful photo and post to be on your wall if you are tagged. Anyone who visits your wall and see those photos might be disappointed and perceive you differently. To the extreme cases, you can unfriend or block anybody who is bent on tagging you in pornographic materials and other posts you do not like.

  1. You can tag anyone in your updates whether photo or a post.

This is very important if you have some fans that are always eagerly waiting for your posts or updates. This also assists to spread the information you are sharing since the post will be seen by friends of all those tagged. Tagging is one of the biggest tools of advertisement.

  1. You can only tag a page you have ‘liked’.

Have you been trying very hard to tag a particular page but isn’t working? You have to know that you can only tag a page that you have ‘liked’. In the same way, you cannot also tag someone who is not your friend on Facebook.

  1. You can tag an Event as your Facebook Page if you have created that Event.

This is very simple to do even if there are multiple admins on the Page. If the event was created by one of the Admins on the Page, only the person who created the Event can tag that Event.

            What was your experience in tagging people?

            How does it work for you?

            Any good feedback this?

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