Offences Can Destroy Your Life


Offences are one of the things that are common in every human institution and they can destroy your life if not handled well. So long as we still remain on the earth, people will offend you and you will also offend some other people. The man who is not ready to be offended by people cannot survive in the corporate economy, in schools, market and even in the house of God.

Sometimes, the good intentions of people may end up offending you. At other times too, what is generally accepted to you may not be acceptable to another person. We are different people with different family backgrounds, differences in values, principles and religious beliefs and practices. What is acceptable to another person may be offensive to you. The rule then is to be careful in dealing with people and become patient and tolerant in life. If you do not know how to handle offences, then know that they can easily destroy your life.

Offences have the power to shut down your dreams and clamp down your energy if you allow them to eat into your heart and mind. Unresolved offences if not handled well will turn into anger and bitterness. When bitterness had fully developed and taken a grip of your heart, you are likely to conceive diabolical ideas concerning the person who has offended you.

To err is human and to forgive is divine but the man who is not ready to forgive may later have his own life destroyed. Offences, is like a secret poison, they can destroy your life if you do not take the necessary remedial steps to deal with it. To forgive is a command in order for your sins too to be forgiven but not everyone deserves to be allowed back into your life. Some are old enemies with unfinished assignments but pretend to be sorry. Your duty is to forgive those who offend you in anyway but be careful who you allow into the core of your life.

No matter how bitter and gruesome the wicked acts of people are against your life, you have to learn to forgive people. Some offences are too painful to the extent that mere remembrance of them are enough to lockdown your emotions and feelings.


Be careful, watchful and prayerful, else, you may be deceived the second time. Offences and bitterness can do you much evil like the devil. Remember, offences can destroy your life so destroy it before it will rather destroys your own life.



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