20 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Give Tithes And Offering In Church


Have you ever gone to church and though you had money in your wallet or purse, felt like you shouldn’t give any offering on that day? There are a number of factors that cause people to stop giving tithes and offering in the church.

Recently, I came across a young lady who swore never to give any offering in church again. My interactions with her revealed some disturbing bad experiences she had with her church regarding giving tithes and offering. As I began to educate her about why she must give tithes and offering and the blessings that come along with them, I realized that she lacked understanding and some basic principles about giving.

In this article, I will share with you some 20 reasons why some people do not give tithes and offering in the church. Kindly share your experience and thoughts with us when done reading.

20 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Give Tithes And Offering In Church

  1. They Don’t Understand why they should give

These are the caliber of church members who do not know and understand the Biblical reasons for which they should give tithes and offering. Until you understand the why and how of some spiritual assignments in the house of God, you may not get the blessings associated with what you are doing.

  1. Lack of faith in obeying and practicing the word of God

There are some people that know and understand all the blessings that come with giving tithes and offering but they do not have faith in it. Lack of faith and doubt in the Word of God are like cancer, they eat the better part of your Christian life and destroy you. James 1:17 says that the man who is full doubts should never expect anything good from the Lord.

  1. Different Religious Beliefs And Teachings About Tithes and Offerings

There are many preachers who preach that tithing was a thing of the past since there was no much emphasis and teachings on it in the New Testament. These members will not pay tithes if they join your church. Remember, in Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42, Jesus did not condemn tithing, but rather said just as the Pharisees obeyed the law and tithed as well, they should not ignore other weightier matters which are equally important.

  1. When too much special attention is given to the big offering givers in the church

It is time for offering in the church. Member A gives GH¢10 or $10 according to his financial strength and Member B gives GH¢10,000 or say $10,000. The praise, special mentions, treatment and attention given to the big offering givers in the church alone may discourage others from giving. Worst of all, it is very discouraging when the pastor says some special breakthrough and promotion prayers for those who gave big offerings. Meanwhile, those who really need those prayers are the poor members who gave even GH¢1 to GH¢10.

  1. Hardship and poverty

Some people have found themselves in the church to pray for a breakthrough for their daily bread on that faithful Sunday. They do not have anything in the house to eat though they are working alright. They have simply run out of cash and more especially, when business isn’t booming anymore. No matter how you encourage them to give, they will remain adamant.

  1. Fear of family and friends when they hear how much you gave in church

Throughout my ministry, I always come across people who want to give to support the work of God but prefer to do it anonymously because once their family members and friends realized that they gave such huge amounts of money, they become target for continuously begging for money, asking for loans and a prime target of thieves and robbers who sit in the pews and pretend to be church members.

  1. When sin becomes a hindrance

When people are caught up in sinful activities, they feel they are rejected by God and so is their offering also rejected and not accepted until they feel their sins are forgiven. In Matthew 5:23-24, the Bible admonishes us to first reconcile with our brothers of any wrongdoing before presenting our gifts on the altar. God is much interested in your obedience but not your offerings or sacrifice.

  1. When members get their money through corrupt and immoral means

Some people who claim to be Christians secretly make a living through corrupt and immoral activities such as

  • Fornication and prostitution
  • Gambling and lottery
  • Fraudulent activities
  • Many other dubious means

The church members who are involved in such activities knew that their hands are not clean and such is their money also. Though people see them as rich, they know that their monies are not clean and accepted in the house of God. Church leaders, do not force such people to give by all means. Be interested in how they earn their money but not how much they can give.

  1. Unemployment

Unemployed church members may not feel happy during offering time. It is very embarrassing when the offering bowl is passed around and you cannot drop any money into it. To avoid this embarrassment, some people decide to visit the washroom during offering time, leave the church or stay at home and not come to church at all. This is a bad practice. Put a stop it. Your hardship should not separate you from God. Paul said: what shall separate us from the love of God? Is it your lack of money, daily troubles or persecution (Romans 8:25)

  1. When management of church finance is questionable

Church members expect the leadership of the church to manage their offerings very well. The money brought to the house of God as tithes and offerings may come from people who may have suffered in difficult situations to earn those money and mismanagement of such funds may pose serious challenges to those whose faith are not well grounded about giving.

  1. When pastors and church leaders misappropriate church project funds

Another serious thing that discourages members is misappropriating project funds for something different. When members realized that offerings raised are not used for the intended purpose, they become offended and reluctant to give next time. They knew that the leaders are not trustworthy and are likely to misuse the funds. Worst of all, the no-nonsense members will leave the church to attend other churches that are well organized.

  1. When members are not committed to the vision of the church

Members become committed to the vision of the church when they are well informed and perhaps, into details. Actions taken by church leadership becomes a motivation for the members to give and support or reject the vision and stop giving offering.

  1. When pastors live luxurious lives at the expense of members welfare

Many pastors are living a luxurious life at the expense of the members who earned the money in hard conditions. Members will stop giving offering when the welfare of the members are ignored and all attention is centered on the pastor’s welfare alone.

  1. When members see pastors and church leaders as fraudsters

We always hear of how some pastors and church leaders defraud their members in the name of doubling their money, working out Visa for them, giving them divine connections and the likes. These charlatans in wolf clothing and claiming to be pastors convince innocent members to give huge amount of money as offering.

  1. The pastor will spend the money mentality

To some people, the pastor or church leaders will just “chop” their money so they will not simply offer anything in the church. To them, they do not see offering as an act of worship they are giving to God but man. This mentality may arise due to the numerous fraud issues involving some pastors. This breaks the trust church members have for the office of the clergy.

  1. Too many offerings on every Sunday

It is so annoying and more of a swindling and extorting means of taking too many offerings from church members on one single day. Sometimes, the pressure on the members to give forces a lot of them to make pledges that become another burden to redeem.

  1. Previous Bad Church Experiences With Giving To the Church

Some people have whole heartedly contributed to a particular church project and of which the final outcome for which the money was raised was not achieved and well accounted for. Sometimes, some of these members go for loans to give as offering and diverting and misappropriating such funds only sends negative signals to people to stop giving to the church.

  1. That Feeling Of Other Members Will Give

Sometimes, some people decide not to give for a particular project in the church because they feel other people will give. Announcements are normally made for people to voluntarily assist to finish a particular project and eventually, only a hand few of people may show up. The majority that stayed at home thought that some other people will surely be there so their presence may not necessarily be needed.

  1. Personal Commitment and Support For Other Ministries & Missions Work

Some people may not give offerings in church because they feel they are already supporting other ministries, missions work and other worthy course but remember that, you do not always worship with those external branches. You have a responsibility to support your local church.

  1. Lack of motivation

I have come to realize that sometimes, some people do not give tithes and offering at all simply because the one who led during offering time did not motivate them enough for them to give. Some prefer being told stories about how tithing and offering has transformed someone’s life and that gingers them to give more. You have to grow from being told stories (many of which are false) before you give to personally praying and deciding on how much to give to support a particular course in church.

Did I miss anything? Share your experience with us on the 20 reasons why some people don’t give tithes and offering in church.

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