Before You Boast Or Complain, Pause And Check These Things



Life is not always as you want it. Before you complain and cry to God about your situation, pause and check these things.

The job you are complaining about and swearing to quit is what someone is fasting and praying for an opportunity.

The opportunity you rejected because it was insignificant would have been the biggest breakthrough for another person.

The woman you are complaining about is the one someone is dying to have just the contact. While you complain about her, another man is also nursing the pain of not having her.


The man you are complaining about is the one another woman is trying all she could to catch his attention. To another woman, having your man would have been a heavenly dream come true.

The bank account you are boasting of is what forced another person to fast and pray for fear of going bankrupt. There is no sense in boasting at all.

The car you bought with your life savings and take huge pride in is what another man’s maid in the house uses on errands.

Your greatest achievement could be another man’s worst in life so do not boast of what you have and be careful how you complain about what you do not have.

You may know many big men and celebrities in life but another person may not know anyone and yet be more successful and fulfilled in life than you so do not boast.

Before you boast of your three storey mansion, personal jet and yacht, the latest car and your electronic gadgets, remember that even most of the engineers that invented those things died and left them behind. They were not buried with any of those things so value human beings more than possessions. In Haiti and other earthquake prone zones, people’s multimillion mansions are pulled down within a short time through earthquake. You can lose your possessions in split seconds so do not boast.

Life can be very sweet any time and turn to be very sour the next moment. Do not boast if things are going on well for you; tomorrow may be the turn of the ones you despised them because of your position and status.

Today, you are the boss so you think you can decide to boast and trample on your subordinates forgetting that times do change and the very people you treated disrespectfully may arise to places of prominence and authority. Do not boast of where you are now because your condition and status today may not be permanent.

Many a time, we need to be grateful to God instead of complaining and boasting.

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