16 Types of Pastors You’ll Find In Every Bible School


Having interacted with most of the outgone and outgoing pastoral students (overseers & pastors) for the past 6 years at PCC, some of them never cease to point to the fact that we are likely to meet different caliber of students at the seminary.

In this article, I’ll share with us a few of the characters we are likely to meet on campus.

16 Types of Pastors You’ll Find In Every Bible School

  1. Friend to all: They easily flow with anyone regardless of tribe, colour, and nationality. That’s the hallmark of every good pastor. Pastors must learn to be a people person, thus friend to all manner of people.
  2. The sharpeners: Iron sharpens iron. Getting closer to them sharpens your own ministry.
  1. The each other’ keeper supplier: You are likely to come across a really broke pastor who’s anointed but has no money. Let’s learn to support and cover-up without exposing them. Anointing without money is an annoyance and you may doubt the calling on your head.
  1. The unrefined pastor: They exhibit characters that make you wonder whether they were really called or they just joined to add up to the numbers required. Their words and deeds leave much to be desired. Anyway, the Bible School is a refinery on its own but it can’t refine us until we change our minds.
  1. Leaders: Real leaders will naturally emerge once the seed has been planted already. Right from Bible School, you will notice those pastors who will be great leaders. However, others choose to remain cool and never show off what they could do.
  1. Lords & masters: You will soon get to know those who are already acting like Apostles and Area Heads or General Overseers. Respect one another but not lord over them.
  1. The living in Sin, Shame & Disgrace Pastor: These are the pastors that hide behind the grace of God and do unimaginable things. They get exposed eventually. Sometimes, it’s your past life they may chase you and disgrace and destroy the beauty of today and tomorrow. Let’s all learn to be careful and prayerful.
  1. Pride: Never forget that we are called by grace and not thru works. Let’s love and respect one another and kick pride out. You can never go far in ministry as a pastor when you have pride as a companion.
  1. Egypt mentality pastors: They always talk as if they were begged by their pastors and Area Heads or Bishops to go into ministry for them. They are in school but get worried upon the slightest thing that frustrates them and wished they were in their circular jobs.
  1. Spiritual show-offs: Of course, you are likely to meet those who show off with their spiritual gift things. Don’t forget that we are called and gifted differently. Your gift is not important than ours.
  1. The first impression champions: When school resumes, you will hear pastoral students praying in grandfather tongues at dawn for personal devotions but this may fade out by the end of the first month. Their real character and devotional life will eventually show up, not what you were acting to be.
  1. Loner: He’s always alone and prefers to be alone. That could be their nature but know when to mingle and when to single out yourself.
  1. Too Busy Pastor: Don’t always make yourself too busy. Stress and stroke are killing some pastors. All work and no play, make you a dull minister. Find time to rest and play small.
  1. The silent gurus: Each year, there are some gurus that come into ministry but sometimes remain reserved and keep cool. Bible school is a period to learn and tap into the knowledge and experience of others.
  1. The firebrands: They are always on their knees crying onto God for the fire, anointing and the unction to function. To these groups of people, ministry is more of warfare than merely an academic work.
  2. 16. The deliverance pastors: To them, they have Elijah’s anointing, always wanting to call down fire to destroy the works of the enemy. Sometimes, they turn to over-spiritualize everything around them.





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