21 Ways Employers Kill The Productivity, Interest And Creativity of New Employees


It is your joy as a new employee to do your very best, pull your weight and passionately go about your duties to hit your target and at least impress your bosses but sometimes, your expectations are cut off emanating from demotivating factors on the part of the employers. You may not show your bad attitudes that earlier if you are the laziest of all workers among your colleagues, hence you may try to impress your employers. In this article, I will like to share my experience from different institution as an employer and employee with you.

Kindly share your views and experience with us when done reading.

21 Ways Employers Kill The Productivity, Interest And Creativity of New Employees

  1. No Orientation

New employees get to know exactly what is expected of them once they are taken through orientation to familiarize themselves in the company. It is very frustrating once there is no orientation and expectations are not properly spelt out. Failure to do this creates a negative impression about the company in the minds of the new employees.

  1. Uncooperative and annoying attitude of old employees

Sometimes, what kills your interest in your new employment may not be any other thing but your own fellow workers who may not like you or be may be aggrieved for taking up the position they coveted and receiving a higher salary than them. The lukewarm attitude of some of them alone is just enough to kill your passion and interest to work.

  1. Small remuneration

It is sometimes discouraging to work very hard and be compensated for a peanut salary which may not even cater for your monthly expenses leading to your inability to save. You should not always be interested in money. Concentrate on achieving results and your works will speak for you with salary that commensurate your efforts.

  1. Too much rigidity and restrictions

Have you ever worked in any environment where the rigid and strict rules make you feel like you are working in prison? You will never feel okay until you sign out and exit that company.

  1. When conflicts are left unresolved

Your productivity, interest and creativity will definitely be killed if conflicts are left unresolved and you are expected to work with the same coworker that has really hurt you.

  1. Assigning the wrong job to employees

What outcome of productive results do you expect as an employer when you reshuffle or assign the right job to the wrong persons without considering their level of knowledge, interest and expertise? To practice on the job training, know the kind and nature of the job before implementing this principle.

  1. A distractive and noisy coworker

These are really annoying, discouraging and difficult to work with people who may kill your passion as well as your interest. They are always there to criticize your work, insult you and do other things that will discredit your reputation.

  1. Too much and unrealistic demands and targets to achieve

Know that you are frustrating and causing unnecessary pressure among your workers if you set unrealistic goals, high demands and targets for your employees to achieve.

  1. Poor, little and or no incentives

When employees put in their very best for the interest and productivity of your company and are not duly remunerated, their passion and creativity dies out. Apart from their salaries, your employees will be reluctant to take up some additional jobs if they know you will never compensate them for the other hours spent all the time.

  1. Failure to acknowledge individual achievements

Never forget to acknowledge or award individuals who have worked tremendously to hit their targets, deadlines and goals as per the conditions of services of your company. Failure to do this tells your employees that you are exploiting and taking them for granted. Little acknowledgements and awards are huge motivating factors for your employees to excel.

  1. Unforgiving, disrespectful and loud boss

How do you feel if you work under an unforgiving, rigid, disrespectful and loud yelling boss? Your interest and productivity will definitely be affected. Unfortunately, employees’ spirit of creativity will be killed because they want to avoid being punished or yelled at for making mistakes.

  1. Discrimination, favouritism and nepotism

Once your employees know that you will always act favourably towards some particular group of people, they may stop giving their very best and that kills their initiatives, interest and creativity in the company. Be a father to all as the boss but not to some group of people only.

  1. When clear directions are not given

When clear directions are not given, your employees may be working but not towards set targets and goals. This leads to wasting of resources, time and productivity on the whole will be affected. Though creativity on the part of employees should be encouraged, creativity thrives best in an environment where there is proper direction and monitoring but flexible environment.

  1. When there are no development and training opportunities

One of the things that motivates employees to give their very best is development opportunities that are well spelt out in the conditions of service. The employee knows what to do; thus targets that are supposed to be achieved before getting those opportunities.

  1. Providing no feedback

Know that you are killing the interest of your workers if you always refuse to give them feedback on important issues. Make sure you do not leave your employees in doubt and confusion. These kill their interest, passion and demotivates them.

  1. Comparing employees results and forcing them to work same

All your employees are never the same. They have different work experiences, training, mental abilities and unique skills altogether. Do not compare your workers as basis for criticizing others. And do not force the other workers to work like the other person. The proper thing to do is to identify the strength of each worker and assigned them to do the right thing and they will deliver.

  1. When you disregard and shoot down the ideas and opinions of subordinates

No matter how highly learned you are as the boss, you may not know it all. Remember that your employees are the ones working on the job and dealing directly with customers and they are the best persons to provide you with the best situational results and suggestions. Do not shoot down their ideas and opinion. Those ideas may look foolish and childish but any careless could trigger the downfall of the company.

  1. When employers do not listen to their employees

Do you give your employees a listening ear? You have to listen to their ideas, fears, worries and grievances. Failure to do this may be a recipe for disaster in your company.

  1. When managers indulge in sexual relationship with female subordinates

When other workers become aware of the amorous or sexual relationship going on in the company between a managerial staff and a subordinate, it may kill the interest of others more especially if the subordinate uses the sexual relationship with the superior to sabotage and torment the lives of coworkers.

  1. Focusing too much on mistakes instead of opportunities

When you talk too much about the little mistakes of your workers, it kills their interest, passion and creativity and productivity will be affected at the end. Some of them will become timid and cannot take their own initiatives fearing that you will condemn and criticize them if they make another mistake.

  1. You micromanage – you try to control everything that happens in the company

If you are the kind of boss that wants to handle everything, hear everything and poke your nose into everything then you do not need other employees around you. It means you can do everything by yourself but that will seriously affect productivity in the company. Things will turn to be bureaucratic and move slowly in the company since everything has to pass through you for approval. When this happens, you undermine and disable the authority of other workers who are supposed to be in charge of some units of the company.

Hope you have learnt some lessons from this article. Kindly tell us your views and perhaps, share your experience with us.



  1. I wish i could just copy and paste this at a place where my boss could read. How i wish all employers know this truth.


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