30 Facts Every Christian Leader Should Know

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In the world of business and leadership, managers and employees are hired after a competitive interview but Christian leadership is a bit different from the secular world. In the corporate world, man may be interested in the physical qualities and education background, experience and other factors but God has a different agenda and criteria altogether for His own selection and placement.

It is very important for every Christian leader to know and understand these facts

30 Facts Every Christian Leader Should Know

  1. Christian leadership is a noble work that calls for noble and an unquestionable character
  2. Christian leadership is not by position and status but by divine calling
  3. Christian leadership is not about your education but your dedication to God
  4. Christian leadership is not competition but completion of your mandate
  5. Prepare for physical and spiritual attacks and persecution
  6. Disappointment and failure may come but that doesn’t mean God has failed you
  7. True Christian leadership is a call to service but not benefits
  8. God calls every Christian leader for a particular assignment
  9. Know that there is a price every leader must pay to reach his target destination
  10. It is a call to sacrificial service and self-denial
  11. It is one of the most difficult and complex works ever
  12. You cannot do this work without love
  13. The only way you can make a difference is total reliance on God and leading of the Holy Spirit.
  14. It’s not over till God says it’s over
  15. Don’t trust human ability, worldly knowledge and abilities – it is not by might
  16. The work demands different roles so you wide knowledge to stay in equilibrium:
  17. It is not all about what you like and know but the will of God
  18. At the end, God will reward or punish you – Matt. 25
  19. No matter how good you are, you cannot do it all alone. You need to work in a team and learn to delegate
  20. A good Christian leader impacts the next generation for leadership succession
  21. God’s method for His agenda on earth is man; you cannot make without people. God said, “let US make man…”
  22. Believe and respect every small beginning. Jesus had the biggest ministry but started small even with the worst background – Though your beginning is small, your end shall be exceedingly great.
  23. You need total humility in order to walk with God for God opposes the proud.
  24. Understand that one of the irresistible challenges in leadership is change so prepare for it.
  25. You cannot go far without prayer and study of the word. A weak prayer life leads to a weak ministry which has a resultant effect on your impact.
  26. Simple obedience and faith are the two non-negotiable things you need in ministry.
  27. It is important to know that your authority and anointing are both from God but not embedded in your priesthood garment and titles.
  28. To stay focused in ministry as a pastor or a Christian leader, you need to maintain balance without veering off to the left or the right.
  29. Know that as a Christian leader, you do not have any follower if you are not able to connect the hearts to your members to your ministry and leadership
  30. Without discipline, you ministry will go nowhere.

In your own views and experiences, what are some of the leadership facts every Christian leader should have in mind? Kindly tell us by commenting.



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