Empty the Trashes in Your Life. Vol. 1


The janitor that cleans my office is just amazing. Each morning, I come to see a neat waste bin in my office no matter the amount of trashes or waste I dispose in the bin. One day, I came to the office only to be welcomed with an unpleasant and awful smell. I wondered what had gone wrong and where that scent emanated.

A quick investigation revealed that the waste bin had not been emptied. The janitor was taken ill and the one called to clean the office came late. Why the awful scent? I had eaten a lot of fruits the previous day and deposited the waste into the bin together with other waste materials.

As I pondered over the whole issue, I caught wisdom and understanding into some issues in life. Your life is like the neat waste bin in my office which is always looking very neat and new. Each day, bitter issues in life are like the waste thrown into it either by yourself or by others you relate to. As a practice, the waste bin needs to be emptied each day.

What are some trashes in life?

  1. Offences

Wrongdoings are part of the daily activities of our lives. We are imperfect humans with weaknesses. In your daily pursuit of your career or dreams, people are likely to offend you and you will also offend others. It will be surprising to know that most of the issues that people keep in their hearts which later turns into anger are merely trivia issues that could have been dealt with and forgotten about. When you keep offences in your mind and heart, you are easily angered.

  1. Anger

Some issues and offences in life are really annoying and may piss you off. Oh yes, you are a human being so you can be angry but do not let your anger control you and make a trash out of your life. Instead of bursting out of anger and doing things which may rather aggravate the situation, cool down the situation and take your time to address the issue.

  1. Bitterness

When you are angry for long, it turns into bitterness. Bitterness is one of the worst poisons of the soul and spirit of man. Bitterness can kill and remains one of the deadliest killers of people. Do not let it destroy you. Get rid of those trashes in life today. When bitterness is well entertained, nursed and brewed in your heart, it turns into hatred for people.

  1. Unforgiveness

Most of the time, the result of bitterness is unforgiveness. How do you expect God to forgive you if you are not ready and willing to forgive others of their trespasses? Jesus Christ said: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. It is important to know that so long as you do not live on this planet alone, you will definitely interact with people and they are likely to offend you. To err is human but to forgive is divine.

  1. Daily troubles

It doesn’t matter how careful you are in life, some troubles may befall you whether by your actions and inactions or the fault of others. Sometimes, some of these troubles are unforeseen and one has to prepare to deal with these troubles when they raise their ugly heads. Learn to empty the trashes in your life.

  1. Heartbreaking issues in life, etc.

How about disappointments at work, cancellation of appointments and heartbreaks? You may lose your partner or lover or be jilted painfully.

And now: the question is what happens if you do not empty the trashes in your own life or the wastes thrown into it each day? I guess you have lots of answers to this question already.  Click here: to read the part of 2.


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