Empty the Trashes in Your Life. Vol. 2


“Have you ever seen someone who is always full of trash? Note that they keep all the trashes of life in their hearts instead of the trash cans”, Ernest K. Akorli.

Pause and Read the Part 1: Empty the Trashes in Your Life Every Day if you haven’t yet for better understanding.

In life, many disturbing troubles I call trashes will be thrown at you either deliberate or not deliberate, your own actions or inactions or another person’s fault, whether planned or where it takes you by surprise but you have to do away with these.

Reasons to Empty the Trashes in Your Life Each Day   

  1. Trash stinks

Just as I was welcomed by an awful stench in my office because the dustbin was not empty, so will your life be without emptying the trashes in your life. What is the use for keeping bitterness and unnecessary issues in your heart and life that will rather be a great minus to you? The truth of the matter is that anyone who keeps trashes in his life instead of emptying it stinks. You live a life that stinks and you are unattractive to be approached.

  1. Keeping trash or waste rather wastes and worsens your life

You must know the trash can or waste bin is meant to be emptied each day. The truth of the matter is that, most of the times, more trashes will be disposed into the bin each day. The more you keep the previous waste, the worse it will be. Keeping the old trashes in life will rather waste you and worsen your conditions in life.

  1. A life full of trash is an awful and an unpleasant life

Any time someone opens the mouth to talk, you will know whether the person is full of trashes or full of pleasant things. A life full of trash is really an awful life and an unpleasant one. Do your very best to keep away the trashes in life. There is no need to be holding on to the hurting past life and memories that will destroy your mood and block your senses of seeing the better days and opportunities ahead.

  1. If you don’t empty, more will be added

Let me liken your life to the waste bin in your home or office. Imagine that the waste bins in your office and home have not been emptied for the past three months. I believe your office will be looking very disgusting and nasty and of course, very smelly. This is how your life looks life if you do not empty your life of any probable waste or trash and you keep on piling more. It you do not empty it more will be added and this will be very terrible.

  1. Do it before Sunset

The Bible admonishes us not to keep any anger or bitterness for long but must let go off them before the sun goes down, thus sunset. It therefore means that you must not carry any problem or bitter issues in life to the next day. Leave all the troubles of that particular day to rest on that day.

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