31 Types of Dangerous Christians in Our Churches


Do you know that there are some types of dangerous Christians in our churches? These days, the church seems to be the safest place for charlatans and evil people to hide and operate with least suspicion. And when news of the breathtaking and nefarious activities of such people flood the media, people are taken aback and lose faith in the Christendom.

Some dangerous people have gradually crept into the church, secretly deceiving people and dragging the name of the Lord into disrepute, causing confusion and leading many astray and into destruction. In this article, I want us to discuss what I have entitled: 31 Types of Dangerous Christians in Our Churches. When done reading, kindly share your thoughts with us by commenting.

Types of Dangerous Christians in Our Churches

  1. Powerful but Sinful

There comes the most powerful apostle, prophet, pastor, elder, brother and sisters holding the Bible, anointing oil and handkerchief in the hand. They have countless number of followers, members and branches but very sinful. The very things they do in private are jaw breaking. The cost of their priesthood regalia and perfume alone can feed an average family of five for a whole week.

Follow their “anointed miracles” and you will be lost at the end. Most of them are genuinely called by God at the beginning but end up being fake.

  1. The Promise and Fail Members

Here come the “Promise and Fail” members in the church. Here they come in majesty, walking gorgeously to the front and grab the microphone and pledge huge amounts of money. The entire membership of the church welcomes their benevolent act with a thunderous applause but they will not make efforts to redeem their pledges.

The Bible says in Eccl 5:5 that It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it”Don’t make a pledge in church if you know you cannot fulfill it. An unredeemed pledged becomes a trap and blockage to your own blessings.

Worst of all, some of these people will walk to another member and ask for a loan and promise paying soon. As soon as they receive the money, they will cut their links and relationship with you. They will not even come near you again. These kinds of members are dangerous because they take advantage of the generosity of others to deceive and dupe givers in the church.

  1. Sister Trap

These are deadly and dangerous members in the church. They set traps for others to fall in it. They do not mind offering their own bodies and luring you to have them in bed. They are only interested in your falling but not your divine calling. Be careful of these members because they are rather the first to broadcast your disgrace.

If it is not about sexual and immoral traps then it could be financial traps set for you. Church leaders, beware!

  1. The Larger Group of Hypocrites

It is saddening to know that the house of God has become a comfortable place for hypocrites to comfortably operate. The hypocrisy of the Hypocrites! Here they come with a broad smile but their hearts are miles away from you. They easily laugh at your jokes but deep in their hearts, you are a troubling yoke.

These types of members are dangerous. They are full of pretense. Church leaders should be careful with these types of Christians because they will pretend to give you their full support but that is a lie from the pit of hell.

  1. The Sexually Immoral

There comes the powerful prophet, pastor, elder or a member who can see your problems; the marital woes, financial burdens, blocked opportunities and all the blessings that the devil and his cohorts have turned into kitchen stools and sitting on. They will make your situation very scaring and finally render you confused, helpless and not able to think.

They will promise you one time and quick miracle but end up sleeping with the vulnerable women in the church. In the book of 1 Samuel, the sons of Eli who were serving as priests slept with the women in the church and never cared about their bad behaviours.

  1. No Position Church Members

These are the types of Christians who are not ready to respond to the call of God and others too are not interested in occupying any position in the church to expand the Kingdom of God. They deliberately choose not to accept some responsibilities in the church due to personal reasons. These members forget that they have a duty to assist in winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

If you are part of these members then note that you are a dangerous member. You impede progress even though you have the capacity, talent, gifts and the means to execute those tasks. If you think you are too busy in life to work for God then what will you do if God is also too busy to give you another life to continue your “busyness” which will not promote His Kingdom?

  1. Old Members but not repented

One of the dangerous types of Christians in our churches is the old members who are still yet to repent. These people are not rooted in Christ. They easily pollute others with the maxim: “Where were you when we started this church?” They use their seniority in the church to oppose and destroy in the church especially when new members who are zealous are given the position and the chance to do something in the house of God.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Armed Robber

How do you feel when an armed robber is arrested? You feel happy, right? Do you know that we have more armed robbers in the church than in the world? In Malachi 3, all those who refuse to pay their tithes are spiritual armed robbers who are not robbing man or the church but God Himself and a curse is placed on you for robbing God.

Apart from this, there are also thieves in the church. These people are the kinds that are waiting for others to give offering to God and they will in turn steal the offering.

  1. The Social Club Members

To these types of Christians, they know they cannot go to entertainment clubs and staying in the house too is also boring so they have no option than to go to church. Sometimes, it is embarrassing for them to stay in the house each Sunday and not go to church so they also find themselves in the church but with a different agenda other than for salvation.

These people are only interested in being identified as Christians or church members and nothing else. This shows clearly in their low commitment and sluggish attitude towards the things of God. To them, the church is seen as a social club just like any other associations.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Ananias

These are married couple Christians who condone and connive to do evil things and deceive others in the church. These members plan their evil schemes in the house and execute them in the church and wouldn’t mind about the complaints of others. They are one and really know what they are doing just like how Ananias and his wife Sapphira planned to tell lies and deceive the church but the Holy Spirit exposed them and struck them dead (Acts 5:1-11).

  1. Miss World & Mr. Trendy in the Church

These are the types of members who are only interested in their physical appearance. They spend a lot on their dresses but cannot afford to even buy a good study Bible for personal devotion and growth in Christ. They are the first to wear clothes with the latest and trendy styles in the church. The Apostle Paul warns in 1 Peter 3:3-4 that:

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. ….”  

Hello! We are not in the church for a fashion show. Dressing and looking good is great but make sure you have a good standing before God. Your personal relationship with God should be of paramount concern to you than your physical appearance.

  1. Carnal Members

These groups of people are always in the house of God as Christians but live their lives as unbelievers. A carnal Christian is someone who lives his or her life to satisfy the desires of the flesh. In Gal. 5:19-21, the Bible outlines the characteristics of Christians who are carnal and do fleshly things.

The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies….

  1. The Dangerous Magicians in the Church

A few years ago, there were a lot of magicians in the country but where are they now? People no longer fancy magic shows and that profession has sunk down the drain but does it mean that there are no magicians in the country? Of course, they are but are now operating as pastors and prophets in churches. That is why the deeds of some men of God are more of deception and ritualistic.

Beware! All these people claim to be called by God, wield a Bible in the hand and acting powerfully but not real. They are fake! Do not be misled by magical miracles (Acts 8:9-11 & 13:6-8).

  1. Social Benefit Seeking Members

Recently, I heard of an old lady who started attending church and I was very glad for her. I visited her one day and asked why she has decided to attend church and she proudly said: “I have to join a church so that when I die, my funeral service and burial can be done by a church”

Oh really? We still have some of these people in the church who are not there first of all because of their salvation but for social benefits such as marriage, weddings, funerals, miracles, wealth and others. These groups of people are dangerous because they are not heavenly minded but earthly. They will easily leave your church to another provided they will get what they want.

  1. Mr. Wolf in Sheep Clothing

The fact that someone can perform priestly functions does not make him a priest. These days, some members take advantage of others who belong to the same faith with them. They deceive many, take personal loans and refuse to pay, take contracts and spend the money and refuse to execute the tasks and many other uncalled for activities. Some fake people are hiding behind the priestly and membership garment and deceiving people through diverse means.

In Rom. 16:17-27, the Bible warns against these false prophets. Watch out else they will drag your soul to hell.

  1. Miss Gossip

Here comes Miss Gossip. She has the latest juicy news, secret and sensitive information about key personalities in the church. She is able to identify everyone’s problem including the solutions but has no idea of her own problems. This member is dangerous because most of her information is based on hearsay, perceptions and mere speculations. Her gossips destroy relationships in the church and may bring division. In 1 Timothy 3:7, the Bible warns against the activities of gossips.

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  1. Authority Fighters and Rebellious Members

Do you know any member of your church who is always complaining about the leadership of the church, insulting them, accusing and fighting leadership decisions? Have you as a leader received some anonymous letters or written some to accuse leadership before?

Fighting authority and rebelling against leadership decision is a demonic activity. The Bible equates anyone who does that to witchcraft.

….for to rebel is like practicing witchcraft….” 1 Samuel 15:23.

  1. Mr. Know It All

Have you seen Mr. Know It All in the church? He confidently sits down and crosses his legs. He listens attentively but takes no note because he knows that quotation better than the preacher. He even had the guts to be correcting the preacher as he preaches and sometimes, tell those around him about the flaws in the speeches and teachings of the preacher.

They think they know but remain as they are without any significant progress in their lives. These types of members are not teachable. They give a lot of headaches to pastors in ministry.

  1. Mr. Loner

He comes to church alright but has no friend. He walks in quietly and leaves immediately after sharing the benediction. No one notices his presence and he will not interact with others too. He prefers to be alone but blames the leadership and membership for not visiting him and attending to him when he falls sick or bereaved.

These types of Christians are dangerous because they can cause more havoc in the church and will not be noticed. Again, they cannot be traced when they stop attending church since they have no friends.

  1. Madam Latecomer

It is surprising to know that any time people have appointments to meet presidents, diplomats and other dignitaries; they are able to make it earlier to arrive on time and patiently await the arrival of the dignitary but when it comes to coming to the house of God, some people show some lukewarm attitudes. What is your excuse for going to church late?

Even travelers who live at far places are able to make it earlier and check in at the airport in order not to miss their flights. How about the attitude of Christians? Mr. Latecomer, you are dangerous because coming to church late means that you will miss some essential parts of the service. You have no idea which part of the service will be a blessing to you and have a personal encounter with the Lord.

Why will you come to church very late and at the same time expect to close earlier and go home early? This attitude does not help in the Christendom.

  1. The Evil Approvers

These are the members that approve the wrong and evil things in the church. They know very well that those activities they have approved are sinful but will approve it.

 “ And Jonadab said unto him, lay thou on thy bed, and make thyself sick; and when thy father come to see thee, say unto him, I pray thee, let my sister Tamar come, and give me meat, and dress the meat in my sight, that I may see[it],and eat [it] at her hand. 2 Samuel 13:5”.

Jonadab knew that it was sinful for Ammon to sleep with his own sister Tamar but he gave his friend the wrong advice and the strategy to sleep with his own sister. Flee from this type of members. They are capable of doing just anything.

  1. The No Clue Members

This is the type of member who has no idea of what goes on in the church. They are always asking others of what is happening in the church. Sometimes, they go to church when there is no church service and later blame the leadership for poor communication. These members are dangerous; they may know nothing about their Christian faith but are in the church. They care less about anything.

  1. Mr. Busy Body

There are some people who always seem very busy in the church but in reality, they are doing nothing. All the busyness is just an eye service and this amounts to nothing. Do not be surprised if you see such members in almost all meetings but their lives may be far from the basic virtues a Christian is expected to exhibit.

  1. Mr. Showman

These are the types of members who are not interested in spiritual exercises that will enable them to grow and mature in Christ. They are only interested in shows. During show time activities such as competitions, sports and dinner parties, you will see their active involvement and after such programs, you will not even see them in the church again.

  1. Pleasers of Men Rather than God

Another type of dangerous Christians in our churches is the men pleasers rather than God. They are always interested in the comments of other people about how they sing, how they preach and how they do things in the church. To these people, they are always looking for things that will please the people in the church hence their services, sermons and other duties are tailor-made and skewed towards the expectations of men.

They are not really interested in the spiritual impartation but the comments and praises of men. Avoid these types of Christians; they will corrupt your moral values.

  1. Professional Critics – Spirit of Judas

Here come the professional critics. They will record all your mistakes when singing, preaching or doing anything in the church. They are very quick to identify errors in people’s presentation and criticize them but aren’t good at doing anything in the church.

These types of members are dangerous. Their comments kill the joy, zeal and interest of people to serve God. In Matt. 26:7, Judas criticized the breaking of the Alabaster Box and wished it had been used for another thing else. Advise yourself if you know you are part of these calibers of people.

  1. The Stagnant Members

These are the types of members who are not ready to be trained, coached and taught to move from one level of faith to another. To them, they are okay with the basic elementary things of life. Their Christian lives and foundations are very shallow and weak but they will not attend church service too to learn.

  1. The Change Fighters

These are the caliber of members who are not ready for a change in the church. The leader that introduces a new way of doing things is an enemy. They will surely fight you. They believe in static and methodological way of doing things as it was done in the days of old. The “Change Fighters” are normally against raising youthful leaders in the church. They believe the youth do not know anything and they will surely mess up when given the opportunity.

  1. “Mind Your Own Business” Members

These are the members who are very vocal and active in the church and may play an instrumental role but woe betides you if they go wrong and you want to correct them. Sometimes, they will rudely react towards your correction and tell you in the face to “mind your own business”.

In Prov. 12:1, the Bible warns that “he who loves correction is wise but he who hates it is stupid”. These kinds of members are dangerous because their attitudes hurt and destroy people.

  1. Waiting to Run Away members

Have you left any church because of a challenge, a problem you had and or any other issue? These kinds of members will leave immediately there are some crises.

  1. The Disloyal Members

It is a terrible thing to lead disloyal members who are full of pretense and unfaithful. They will not appreciate your efforts. Their attention is not on your teachings and directions but on something different. They have a different agenda for coming to your church.

Don’t be a dangerous church member in the house of God. Once again, are you part of the 31 Types of Dangerous Christians in Our Churches?. Tell us your opinion by commenting on the types of dangerous Christians we have in our churches these days.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

CEO of infochristo/ Motivational Speaker/Writer/Blogger

Email: ekakorli@gmail.com 

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