6 Ways Instagram Reels – Video Pause Challenge is destroying your life


Over the past three months, there is a growing trend of Instagram Reels or Video Pause challenge. Initially, it started as if to test how fast your fingers are to pause the video to reveal the microseconds hidden picture. However, it turned out to be something different. In this short article, I be sharing the 6 ways Instagram Reels- Video Pause Challenge is destroying your life.

6 Ways Instagram Reels – Video Pause Challenge is destroying your life

1. It promotes pornography: The Instagram Reels Pause Challenge is nothing of fun but an attempt to promote pornographic contents in a crafty way. Unsuspecting people are lured into a challenge that promises to be full of fun and a test of one’s ability to be fast but it’s a bait to hook people into pornography. No individual or a decent model will put her nakedness ok the internet for people to watch as fun. Most of the time, these models demand viewers to pause the video, take snapshot of the hidden picture inserted and send it back to them.

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Instagram algorithm, however, promotes pornographic contents. The app has been accused by different groups and individuals for its algorithm that makes it possible for pornographic content creators to have their leeway. Although Instagram privacy policy makes it possible for users to choose which contents see and what not to see, one could also chance on such nude videos through exploration.


Sometimes, when an indecent content follows a video you are already watching, Instagram prompts users asking “Do you want to see more of these” or “Less of these?”. It is not everyone that reads notifications or prompts so users.

2. It’s time wasting: Having had the chance to glance through a few comments under such videos, I realized many viewers express their displeasure that it was not worth it. The point is, why would you be busy wasting your time to pause and watch someone’s nakedness? Anything that wastes your time also wastes your life. If you keep on wasting your time on unproductive things, it is your life that is being wasted. Until you place value on your life, you may waste it on unproductive videos not worth it.

3. It increases lust: Whenever people pause any video thinking it’s a fun game only to discover that it’s a pornographic content can increase lust. There is no morally acceotable way of watching people’s nakedness for entertainment. Beware of contents that push you to lust after the things of the flesh. The question, what happens to your moral defense system after watching such videos? Do you feel dirty and unclean or you enjoy whatever you see?

4. It pollutes your spiritual life: Any form of sexual nudity is a pollutant. It is like stains that destroy the beauty of your expensive dress.

5. It’s a deception to watch pornography: The internet is full of so many deceptive activities. There are a lot of deceptive click baits to lure unsuspecting people to different websites. Such videos intend to drive more traffic a particular website by luring people to click on links. In this case, people who never desire to feast their eyes on pornographic contents taken by surprise. Be careful and stay safe online.

6. It can cause addiction: If you do not avoid such videos, you can gradually become addicted. The moment addiction takes place, your life maay be caught in a trap of distraction. Instagram videos should not be seen both as a challenge and a game may try hands on several of them to test one’s ability.

The way forward

1. Be deliberate and selective in what you watch: Social media and the internet offer a lot of contents. However, it is not all the contents on the internet social media that good for your mental and spiritual health. Be selective and watchful.

2. Learn to skip wrong contents: While scanning through social media accounts, you may chance on unappropriate contents. There are some options available to the one who chances on pornographic contents. Thus continue watching or skip the video. However, it takes some level of discipline to avoid such contents and skip them.

What are your comments on the 6 ways Instagram reels – Vvdeo pause challenge is destroying your life? Kindly share your experience with us.

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