5 Things Not Accepted After Death


It may never occur to you before about things which may not be accepted when you die but the truth of the matter is that, they are still real and the truth. While you still have life and strong alive, I want you to consider these 5 things not accepted after death.

  1. I’m deeply sorry.

The best time to regret, be sorry and repent from your sins is not when you die but while still alive. Time and chance are no longer available to anyone that is dead. Time and chance are still available to those who are alive. The Apostle Peter said, repent every one of you and be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

  1. I didn’t know about that – ignorance is not accepted

The Bible emphatically said he who does not believe the son is already condemned (John 3:18). There is no place for argument. Ignorance is no excuse of the dangers that lie ahead of you after death. Once you now know the truth, embrace it and save your soul from the hell fire prepared for those who have not accepted Jesus as LORD and Saviour of their lives. Some things are not accepted after death but now.

  1. Giving a truckload of excuses

To a lot of people, they have had the chance to hear the good news that Jesus still saves; to other people too, they have managed to start attending church but that doesn’t give you salvation if you do not repent from your sinful ways and live a life worthy of your calling into holiness in Christ. No matter the number of excuses you give, it will not be entertained and accepted. Remember, even all your idle words and secret thoughts will be brought before God in judgment (Matt. 12:36-37).

  1. Blaming people won’t set you free

Adam blamed Eve for being the one who gave her the fruit to eat. Eve did likewise by pushing the blame on the serpent for deceiving her but God did not spare the three of them. Adam, Eve and the serpent received their punishments accordingly from God. You cannot pushed all your misfortunes, sinful lives and other things onto people and be free. They will also give account of whatever they did. The Bible said for we shall all appear before God and give account of whatever we did while living in our body whether good or bad (2 Corin. 5:10).

  1. Give me a second chance

It is very sad to know that the Bible said, “It is appointed unto a man to die ONCE and after that, face judgment”, Heb. 9:27. There is nothing like a second chance for you to repent and amend your ways. It is only judgment that awaits us all after death. This is your chance and your day to make a U-turn and turn to God for salvation.

You see the way people die unexpectedly? Let’s live right with God. You only have the chance to get things right while alive not after death. Get connected to Jesus. Time is running out.

If there is any important decision to make today, it should be for eternity. Consider these 5 things not accepted after death.

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