Stop Dreaming About Your Marriage & Start Working On It

Picture credit: @fab_kelbpics

Dear singles, there is no love in marriage, no happiness, no care, no pleasure and no bond of friendship. If there’s anything like true love, then note that 2 people make up their minds to put it there. If there are care, happiness, memorable pleasure and a unique bond of friendship, then note that people made efforts to put them there. Stop dreaming about your marriage and start working on it!

Your investment in your marriage determines the possible returns you will get. If you sow lies, deception, laziness, unfaithfulness, immoral acts, bad character and little compromises to sin, then note that you have already given the devil the license to have a hand in your marriage. If the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3). Marriage is work so if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do?

How you desire to have your marriage determines the kind of effort to make.

Ladies, don’t JUST say “I want to marry a God-fearing, loving and caring man who’s well established”. That’s good anyway but ask yourself whether you also possess those qualities. Remember, you’ll always attract your kind of partner in life.

Marriage is like tasty Jollof, how you want it determines the ingredients you will need but Skill and wisdom must be applied.


Remember that those skills are not in marriage, they are acquired.

Dear Single Ladies, your waiting singlehood time for your groom is also a learning and preparation time but not freedom to mess around.

Don’t be a foolish virgin without extra oil. Your extra oil refers to your added values, good character and skills learned.

Be conscious and deliberate about developing and keeping yourself.

To most men, your physical appearance catches their attention first but your character catches their heart to see you as marriage material.

Sadly, many ladies only invest in their looks neglecting their spirituality, morality, profession and other equally good areas. Live a balanced life.

Listen to me, whatever good thing you desire to have in your marriage is possible but remember that people have to be responsible enough to work towards it. Stop dreaming and start working on it



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