Don’t Bring Curses And Judgment On Yourself

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In life, do not be quick to pass comments, insult people and rain curses on them when things fall apart unexpectedly. Sometimes, our reactions and attitudes towards people in times of crisis and some conditions in life may bring curses and judgment on us regardless of who is wrong and who is right.

Miriam gossiped about Moses and criticized him for marrying a Cushite woman and God heard it, became angry and brought leprosy on her. God Himself asked Miriam, “Are you not afraid to talk against my servant, Moses?” (Num. 12:8). You should be afraid to talk evil, say all manner of things and even insult some people especially, Men of God. You have no idea of the covenant God has with some people so be careful how you deal with people regardless of their age.

Korah and his rebellious friends spoke against Moses and God sent down fire to destroy all the 250 people rebelling alive. God again inflicted 14,700 people with plagues as punishment for speaking against the death of the 250 rebellious group of Korah (Num. 16:41ff).

Laban pursued Jacob and was poised to dish out some insults to him for leaving his house without notice and God appeared to Laban in his dream warning him neither to talk good or evil to Jacob, else, He God Himself will deal with Laban bitterly (Gen. 31:24). The fact that someone did the wrong thing and you are right does not mean that you have the right and the power to talk trash to them. Laban was warned by God to shut up or face the consequences of his actions which may attract the judgment of God on him or perhaps, some curses.

Be careful how you tongue-lash some people saying all manner of evil about them when you may rather be at fault. Take note that, God Himself promised Abraham saying “I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” (Gen. 12:3). Cursing people who treat you bad and curse you is the work of God Himself. Do not take the place of God no matter what people do to you. God Himself says, it is my duty to bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.


Remember, you have the right to say anything at all you want but the Bible says you’ll account for every careless and idle word you speak on Judgment Day (Matt. 12:36). Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth but that which brings grace to the hearers (Eph. 4:29). Be careful, else you will say or do something that will bring both judgment and curses on you.

If you can’t forgive and settle your misunderstanding with your friends, then don’t poison the minds of people about them. If you can’t honour someone, don’t disgrace them! God is watching and listening! Don’t bring curses and judgment on yourself!




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