Weekend Inspiration: Don’t Be Fooled: No Association Ever Leaves Us The Same


Don’t be fooled: no association ever leaves us the same. Nothing remains the same no matter how long it takes. Things and human being are subject to change. Therefore, never live and assume that, things will remain the same forever. This means that we are either being changed or changing by the associations we keep or have in life. Some association changes us into better people while others change us into bad or worst people.

As much as we would love to remain the same with our friends and the association we have forever; we need to understand that, nothing remains unchanged in life. It can be very difficult but that is the truth. I have come to understand that, change is part of growth and a natural phenomenon. As we grow in friendships, we change as well. Our perceptions and ideas change as we grow along. Therefore, it is possible to say that, our association or friendships with others too change as we explore and learn from life’s events.

Your Friends Will Affect You Positively or Negatively
Life Gets Better When We Associate Ourselves With The Right People

We may be very upset to see our friends or associations change and may feel isolated or feel sad about their changes, but what we are failing to discover is that, we are also changing. Now the question is; are your friends changing you positively or negatively? If you discover that, your association is not helping you change into a better person, then in that case, you have the right to end that friendship.

Sometimes, we may have some friends who have other bad friends that influence them negatively. If you can help your friend to understand the effect of his or her association with the other friends which is also having effect on your friendship, then you must be bold enough and frank with them to draw their attention to it.

People will always walk in and out of our lives, but we will always be there for ourselves. Never entertain selfish and egocentric people in your life. We associate with some people without actually knowing them thoroughly. It is just like going into a show room to buy a car without checking the condition of the car engine before purchasing it only to embark on a long journey home from the show room to start having issues with the car just because of a bad engine.


Relationships are like that. Unless we take out time carefully to examine the conditions of the car (person) we want to begin or start life with, we will end up having issues in business, in health and in family. Some people are just too selfish to relate with. They only want everything for themselves and to themselves without thinking or considering the other party they are with. Every relationship is built on giving and taking. Being able to reciprocate in your relation is what makes it healthy and long lasting.

Evil Association Corrupts Us
Don’t Be Deceived, Evil Association Corrupts Good Behaviours

The only way to know whether you are in a good relationship in business, in work, in a team, in church, in family, etc. is by checking the way they reciprocate the love you exercise towards them. Examine whether the team you walk or associate with can defend you just as you defend them? These people can be very selfish to the point that, they use you for their personal gains and satisfaction. They could be your church, business, husband, pastor, leader, mentor, teacher, coach. That is an endless list. But it is very important to identify the character traits in people and avoid them.

Don’t be fooled: no association ever leaves us the same. Don’t spend time with selfish people who only use you for their open advantage. These people only prey on your niceness and kindness to abuse you, knowing very well that, they wouldn’t dare spend one second on you. Being kind to people does not imply that you should be taken for granted and for someone’s selfish reasons. Life is about give and take. Selfish people only make demands for themselves without thinking of others, but selfless people give without making any demand on you.

Any relationship that does not give you the respect you give it, is not a good one for you. Respect and trust are earned not demanded. Thus, you cannot be giving too much of respect and not receive back from people. If you are not getting the respect that you give to people or deserve from the people you associate with in life, then I am afraid, you should show them the exit doorway before they break you down beyond repair and recognition. Don’t be fooled, no association ever leaves us the same. They are either changing or transforming us into what we want or what they want. Be wise and never be taken for granted.

You must learn to discuss and plan how to achieve goals and move towards them together, have some level of respect and value for each other and remember to stay positive in everything you do together. It is paramount that, you hang around individuals who will change you into something you would like to change into. Associating with wrong and negative people will definitely change you into something bad and negative which will influence and change your entire life and destiny forever.

Your destiny and success depend on the association or people you allow into your life. I will encourage you to keep an open mind and around the people you associate with in life. It is your life-Your choice-Your decision. MAKE IT RIGHT.

Don’t be fooled: no association ever leaves us the same



  1. On point, Mr. Writer. The people in your life can make on unmake you. Let’s all evaluate the kind of people in our lives.

  2. Good article. We all need to have the right caliber of people around us. God did not create anyone to live on an island.

    • God bless you more with wisdom to identify the right people in your life.
      keep reading and sharing to bless other people too.

    • God bless you more with wisdom to identify the right people in your life.
      keep reading and sharing to bless other people too.

  3. Indeed, no association ever leaves us the same. And that is why one has to choose the kind of friends to associate with.

    • God bless you more with wisdom to identify the right people in your life.
      keep reading and sharing to bless other people too.

  4. Many thanks for being our coach on this subject matter. I actually enjoyed your own article quite definitely and most of all enjoyed reading the way in which you handled the issues I regarded as controversial. You are always incredibly kind towards readers like me and let thank you me in my own lifestyle.

    • God bless you more with wisdom to identify the right people in your life.
      keep reading and sharing to bless other people too.


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